Court says ‘MEK MI RICH’ was Curtis Swasey’s idea Print E-mail
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Thursday, 25 February 2016 00:00

Corozal Businessman Curtis Swasey has won his fight against BTL and the proprietors of the Mek Mi Rich Lottery Game. The Supreme Court has ruled that lottery texting in Belize was his idea, and that Mek Mi Rich stole it.

After weeks of hearings and back and forth trips to the court, Swasey made his case before Justice Courtney Abel that he signed a confidentiality agreement with Belize Telemedia Limited. Then, over the course of 2 years, he started to explain his concept of lottery texting. He wanted to use BTL’s SMS service to allow for the average Belizean to buy tickets with their credit for his game called Super Slam Sunday. He claimed that BTL had no idea of how it would work, and so he had to walk them through it step by step. He submitted email correspondences back and forth between himself and the technicians of BTL, in which they had an unending list of questions on what to do.

Then, in 2014 the company terminated their business relationship with him, and then a few months later Mek Mi Rich was launched with his very same concept.

He submitted evidence that taken together, there was a clear connection and similarity between his game and Mek Mi Rich. Then, he pointed to the fact that he did not disclose the idea of the game, and that the only other source of that material was BTL. He asked the court to draw the inference, even though he couldn’t find any direct evidence which showed that his idea was disclosed, BTL was the only link between him and Mek Mi Rich.

So, by that reasoning, he asked the court to draw the conclusion that BTL unfairly disclosed his idea or information about which Mek Mi Rich owners, Sunjay Hotchandani, and Andre Vega, then used without his permission or without paying him compensation.

The judge has considered all the evidence, and he ruled in Swasey’s favor that Mek Mi Rich owners stole his idea. However, because there is no evidence that the court could rely on to judge how much money was made off his idea, he was awarded only $25,000, and costs of this lawsuit to be determined at a later date. Mek Mi Rich and BTL respectfully do not agree with the judge’s ruling, and their attorneys are seeking consultation from these clients to see if an appeal might be in order.