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Thursday, 10 March 2016 00:00

cordel.jpg - 47.23 KbOn Wednesday morning we tried to pull the tongue of a PUP insider and a Johnny/Cordel loyalist, to see if we could have gotten him to answer a question that has been bothering us ever since we heard of the new title of National Deputy. However now we have even more questions after we heard his take on the situation. Now this said gentleman is a ranking PUP so we believe we were speaking to an intelligent fellow who was in the know.

Our first question to the gentleman was, what is a National Deputy and is it different from a Deputy? Well after he tried to lead us up a dark trail with some strange nonsense he finally said that the National Deputy was like the captain of a football team who directs plays on the field because the coach is not on the field. By this time we knew we had this fellow just where we wanted, but we decided since we had him cornered we would ask another question.

Our second question was if the National Deputy is like a team captain why was Cordel appointed to the position since he was not a member of the team because by the results of the convention Cordel had been dropped from the team? He then gave us the Johnny spin that Cordel had a reputation he had built over the years and he had won his area by the biggest margin. Our question to him was how the goals of the past could change the score of a present game?

That was something he did not answer because there was no answer he had that could reinforce his answer. We then asked what should the other Deputies be called and he said they are Regional Deputies. Our response to that was how could that be since it was not regional voting that put them in place, but instead it was a NATIONAL VOTE by all delegates that put them in position. We had to point out to him that if anybody were to become National Deputy it was to be Rodwell who had faced a national convention and came out on top , and it should not be the man who had faced that vote and came dead last! Or at least one of the other deputies who were not beaten as bad as Cordel?

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