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Written by By Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 10 March 2016 00:00

How did the Belize Progressive Party make news on Tuesday night? Must have been a very slow news day for every media house in the country to waste time covering 44 people masquerading near the National Assembly building.

Robert Lopez, National Campaign Manager of the BPP, said buses came from across the country for a protest on the steps of the National Assembly on Tuesday because “we have lost the Sarstoon. Next we lose Toledo and soon we lose our country.” Lopez and company makes Chicken Little looks like the cooler head in the room.

Pseudo-nationalists in the Progressive Territorial Volunteers Party, or whatever it is they call themselves, organized a protest on the most important parliamentary day for the country. On Tuesday, March 8, Prime Minister Barrow introduced the first Budget of this administration. It is a day on which all attention should be focused on the economic health of the nation. There are threats to the economy such as the termination of correspondent relationships with local banks, evolving markets for king crops such as citrus and sugar, crisis in the global petroleum industry and the cost of coping with Climate Change, just to name a few. The people of Belize want to know what is the Prime Minister’s plan to tackle these threats, real threats. Instead, the Belize Progressive Party managed to turn the media’s attention to a non-existent threat.

Despite what Wil Maheia and his friends believe, Guatemala poses no threat to Belize. Their army will not try to invade us and this administration has not conceded any territory to our neighbours to the West. This campaign by Maheia and company is simply a fundraising sham as he has made it quite clear that he is seeking financial support to continue his efforts.

Unfortunately for Wil and the Progresstive Territorial Volunteers, the showing on Tuesday will not win over any donors. Buses came in from across the country and they only managed to gather 44 supporters. This is less than 15 people per bus. Shame.

We are no longer in the 1980’s when individuals could shout “Guatemala” from a bullhorn and cause mass panic. We are now in the era of information technology and the world is a very small place. Belizeans know as much about Guatemala as Guatemalans do. More importantly, Belizeans know how the world operates and what is tolerated in this hemisphere. Disputes in this hemisphere will not be settled by putting boots on the ground. Settlements come by way of diplomatic proceedings and punishments come by way of economic/trade sanctions. Army’s are only for chest pounding in this century, as they have shown in the Sarstoon, the Guatemalans can beat their chest harder than we can.

If it is a chest beating contest, Guatemala wins. The only way to shut them down is to have the courts put them out of our back yard permanently. It is time to go to the International Court of Justice.
“The time to save your country is before you lose it.”