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Thursday, 10 March 2016 00:00

During the past few weeks we have heard and seen some strange things from the PUP. They range from Lisa apparently finding out via the nightly television news that she had been fired from the senate by Johnny. Lisa then took to her favorite soapbox Facebook from where she said farewell. The next time we heard from Lisa it was again on Facebook only this time it was a strange image she posted as her cover photo. The image was that of an empty Lighthouse Beer bottle. We immediately began to worry if the loss of her Senatorial job had driven her to drown her sorrows in the beverage. Only time will tell what is going on with her on that one.

Another notable thing inside the PUP is that rather public spectacle of a quarrel between the former Belmopan Candidate Jason Andrews and his former convention opponent Oscar Mira. Apparently Mira has made some very serious accusations against Andrews, whereby he is accusing him of stealing some office equipment from the PUP Belmopan Office. Andrews’ only statement so far as we have seen is a comment on Facebook under his name. In that statement he never once denied the accusation, but instead he did a song and dance about how he was the one who paid the office bills like rent, light, water etc. Now we don’t know if by making such a statement it is like saying that taking the office equipment is reimbursement for him having to pay the bills he incurred during the period that he was the candidate. He went further and stated the party did not give him any money. Again we are not accusing the good gentleman of any wrong doing but we are asking questions. Maybe his good friend Louis Wade may want to ask him to shed a little light on the story for us.

However the biggest story from inside the PUP this week was the new seating order on their side of the chambers in the House of Representatives. Here is how it looks: Johnny as New Leader sits in the leader’s chair, that’s a given. Now here is where it becomes spicy: Cordel as the least popular candidate and vote getter in the recent convention, but as Johnny’s Golden boy or heir apparent sits next to Johnny. Next in line was to have been Francis who strangely appeared to have absented himself, perhaps as some sort of defiance to Johnny or shame of his defeat. Then Said sat in forth chair. Seated next to him was Rodwell the leading vote getter in the convention. Filling out the remainder of the front row in this very order, were the other three deputy leaders: Mai, Julius Espat and Kareem Musa,  with Michael Expat being the last person in the front row. The first person in the back row was Florencio Marin Jr. keeping him company back there in this order were Oscar Requena and the last or should we say twelfth chair was given to Habet.

It seems the only reason Johnny did not push both Francis and Said any further was two fold, first he does not trust them enough to have them sit behind him. The second reason is that even though he may have probably preferred to not have both Francis and Said seated outside the chambers and would have maybe on Tuesday pushed both Francis if he were there and Said through the door is because the Sergeant-at-Arms Yellowman, closed the door in time. Who knows maybe sometime during the next five years we may see both Francis and Said sitting under a tent on the steps of Independence Hill.