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Thursday, 10 March 2016 00:00

It seems as if though the fallout resulting from the leadership convention has started in Belmopan. According to last Friday’s Channel 7 Newscast , a complaint has been lodge with the Belmopan Police.  From what we have gathered, Jason Patrick Andrews the PUP candidate for Belmopan in the last election is now being accused by some PUP Belmopan committee members of allegedly cleaning out the constituency office. The complaint that has been made to police is about the stuff Andrews allegedly took from the office, which they say was donated to the office and not to Andrews himself. The items include a water cooler, a laptop computer, a flat screen TV and other items.

Belmopan police confirmed that a report was made a few weeks ago, but the officer commanding said he’s handling it with some level of discretion, because the police were being careful that their department was not being used as a political tool. The following is what the O.C Belmopan told Channel 7 News and we quote:

“The police always like to be in the middle of everything. Its politics. I don’t want to go into any details more than to say that yes report has been received at Belmopan Police Station and we are dealing with it through civil means. I believe that as the commander here in this formation, what we are doing is the best way forward. It’s been dealt with internally and I believe we will have a resolution very shortly. I am personally involved and I believe, with the experience that I have dealing with these matters, I believe that very soon we will have a complete resolution to the issue.”

There is where we part ways with the O.C. It is our belief that if a criminal complaint is made against an individual then that matter should be properly investigated and at the end of that investigation if charges ought to be levied then let it be. If it is done like this where the police is acting as a mediator in this matter, then the police run the risk of being accused of giving certain individuals special treatment while others who are accused of making off with property that don’t belong to them (STEALING) are arrested, charged and taken before the court. The ordinary man and woman on the street would only be right to expect the same discretion if it were them being accused. If it is a civil matter as is being suggested, there is a process for that.

According to Channel 7 News they tried several times, but could not reach Andrews for comment. However according to them some PUP insiders told them they expected Andrews would return the stuff over last weekend. We don’t know whether the stuff was returned. What we do know and remember very well is that old phrase that our parents used to tell us about stealing then turning around and taking back the stolen goods. Apparently, this dispute started up right after John Briceno was elected leader of the PUP. Andrews supported Francis Fonseca. Allegedly Andrews cleared out the office right after the convention. The Belmopan constituency committee member who did support Briceno is Oscar Mira and apparently it seems he is leading the effort to recover the items. We take it that there is bad blood between Andrews and Mira stemming out of the Belmopan PUP convention where Andrews defeated Mira. Some people have suggested this is a power-play by Mira to build capital with his leader when the time comes to dump Andrews and the others who did not support Johnny in his leadership bid.

Once again like before the convention, this latest PUP MUD-WRESTLING is being played out on Facebook. People are calling each other some rather obnoxious things. Some persons have once again stooped to outright vulgarity, while others have stuck to form and are calling other thieves, drug dealers and the list goes on. While there are other PUP insiders who have been calling for calm, saying they should as usual brush the dirt under the rug. It seems like the amount of dirt underneath the PUP rug will be enough to fill all the swamp land in Belize and enough will be left over to start a new island in the sea. We expect that this is only the beginning of what is to come with Johnny as the leader of this sordid bunch of CUTTHROATS.