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Thursday, 17 March 2016 00:00

micah.jpg - 59.42 KbWhat does it mean to be the best? It means you have to be better than the number two guy. But what gratification is there in that? He’s a loser—that’s why he’s number two.
...Jarod Kintz

One thing is certain about young Micah Goodin and that is, he will always be a part of a losing campaign . It seems as if though this young man has an aura around him that just turns off people. About a little over 2 years ago he was all set to become the People’s United Party’s Candidate in the Collet division. He was already on the ground in the division. The party was showing him around as if though he was the greatest thing since Sliced Bread. Low and behold there was a Bi-election in Cayo North and his party got to see him operate under pressure and then he was no longer their Collet candidate. We don’t know whether they had dumped him or he had quit. The word at the time ranged that he thought it was not his time yet to certain members of his party referring to him as “WAH LEE BWOI WEH NO READY “

We at the time suspected that he was removed by force, but we could not prove that so we held back our thunder. He was then made to run on a City Council slate that was only put together sort of as to say that they were contesting the City Council election. We use the term contesting very loosely, because it was no contest. In one corner was a bunch of losers and misfits being lead by a person whose  confession stated that she was not good with numbers and that she proved by her public statements that dealt with numbers. While in the other corner there was a TEAM with a proven track record being lead by a very popular Mayor Darrel Bradley. We don’t need to go into any details about Mayor Bradley’s team and why everybody knew why he and his team were far better than the others and why they demolished their opponents. One only has to look at the new and improved Belize City under the Mayor Bradley lead City Council, to get a clear picture.

The next time we heard from Micah was via a public Facebook quarrel ,the type that has now become synonymous with the PUP . He had taken to Facebook because he had gotten in trouble for choosing a side in the party’s leadership quarrel . Apparently he had sided with the infamous G-11. See that was a not so smart move on his part because the G-11 was not in control of the party at the time. Micah at the time had his own Youth Talkshow on his party’s Mickey Mouse television/radio station, and he had invited one of the G-11 members to be a guest on the show. Well the powers that be in the party did not want the G-11 to use the party’s assets to further their cause so Micah was locked out of the building and his show was cancelled.

Micah threw a tantrum on Facebook. He declared that he had resigned his position in the BYM and would no longer be hosting the show. However he did not stop there. He went into an all out attack on the WOMAN who had replaced him as the Candidate in Collet. It was then that Micah confirmed our suspicion that he was FORCED out of Collet.  His quarrel with the lady was kind of GIRLY GIRLY, full with name calling and finger pointing.

Now fast-forward to the Belize District Youth Council Election , Micah’s bio reads like this, former BYM President, former Student Union Leader, his party’s former Candidate in Collet, former City Council Election candidate, former talkshow host and media hog who was in the news on a regular basis for about four years. The long and short is that he was not an unknown person. He was now running for the Presidency in Belize District against a virtually unknown individual, a young Engineer Mr. Stafin Duncan. As far as we know Mr. Duncan was not known in political circles as the type of frontline person like Micah. This should have been a walkover for the better known candidate, but the youths’ knowledge of Micah was his own undoing. When the votes were counted two weeks ago there was a tie and according to the election rules there had to be a runoff election between the two individuals. That election was held last Thursday and in true Micah fashion he LOST.

Micah had a few weeks earlier made it known that he would become Belize’s Prime Minister. That may have not gone down too well with his peers, the delegates,  and they taught him a lesson, being that they would not allow themselves to be used as anybody’s political stepping stone to further that person’s political ambitions, simply to feed his ego. They brought him to his knees. Now being that Micah was unable to get the young people who are his peers to vote for him as their Youth President now how does he expect to become Prime Minister if it will be these very same young people who will be voting at that time in order for him to become Prime Minister?

In typical PUP fashion he is blaming the UDP for his loss. He started that even before the voting was concluded. By the way we think he was either confused or arrogant because he was already claiming victory early in the day, while at the same time suggesting that persons who are known UDP and he referred to them by their name , were bringing party politics into the elections, but he would win in the face of all that. What he failed to see, of those persons he saw out there some were PARENTS of young people who along with their children live in the Belize District . Some of those persons like the members of the UDP’s youth arm the YPF also live in the Belize District. As to those parents they have the right to encourage the youth to vote for the best person to represent them as youth leaders.  By the way Micah is also a part of a PARTISAN GROUP. When last we heard the BYM was still the PUP youth arm. Also Mayor Kevin Bernard being out there, now that could be deemed as political mischief since he does not live in the Belize district. What his connections may be to the Belize district youths would be a question only he or Micah may be able to answer .We have heard some suggestions as to what his business of being in the city were but we won’t share them. Our advice to Micah is “keep out of political contest, you may like it but it does not like you”!

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