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Thursday, 17 March 2016 00:00

With mounting complaints against operators of ‘Dalla Vans’ the Belize City Traffic Department is currently in the process of regularizing them for better service to Belize City residents. According to Traffic Manager, Kevan Jenkins, the move is as a result of concerns which have been constantly expressed as to the unsafe manner in which the vans operate. With support from the traffic councillor, Bernard Pitts, meetings have been held with the van operators to get them organized into a cooperative who will be authorized to operate from Mahogany Street into downtown.

Lionel Longsworth is the chairman of the cooperative, he says so far there are 56 persons who have signed on to the organization and they have some $3000 to begin to organize themselves. He says that great interest has been put into joining the cooperative. But even as it has generated great interest he added that those who will be members need to go through a series of training workshops for them to improve the manner in which they serve the public. For his part Jenkins says that not all of those who are members with the cooperative will be able to offer ‘dalla van’ services. That number he says is too great for the city and consultations have to be carried out in order to determine an appropriate number of operators to function in the city.

And as the cooperative gets itself in order, there is a proposal by the council to mark the vans in order for them to be easily identified. These markings will indicate the vehicle number and carry the Belize City Council’s logo to show that they are approved to operate. Additionally Jenkins says that all operators in the cooperative would need documentation from the Belize City Council in order to operate. These documentations include Belize City taxi license plates as well as driver’s licenses issued by the city. As it now stands, there are operators who function with private plates, plates from other districts or plates issued by the transport department to operate in the rural areas of the Belize District. These practices will now be discontinued.