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Thursday, 17 March 2016 00:00

On Tuesday night Johnny Briceño held a much advertised Budget CONSULTATION Townhall type meeting at the George Price Center for Peace. This meeting as we were made to understand was to discuss the recently presented budget and to get feedback from the audience. He and the PUP had promised that they would then use that feedback to formulate their presentation for the budget debate next week. Such an idea has a very good genesis, and with Belmopan being the place where many Public Officers and former Public Officers reside, that meeting should have been a very productive one. Those potential attendees understand PUBLIC FINANCES and the way things operate or is to be operated in the public sector and their contributions would have been exceptional. In a way they are the public sector.

However it seemed like the residents of Belmopan know Johnny and the way he and the PUP operate also, so they stayed away from him and his consultation. It was as if though Johnny had LEPROSY or some other sort of deadly disease that one could catch from him just by being in his company. That was what it looked like by the way the people stayed away from him and his consultation. Johnny had to speak in front of and to the many EMPTY CHAIRS that were in the already small room at the George Price Centre for Peace. If he continues on this trend, this term as leader may well be even shorter than his last stint he had as PUP Leader. The Old Guard in the party is not dead and buried as yet and they are only buying time to attack and remove him. They will use his dismal performance as the reason to remove him. Johnny as leader is only a placeholder for Said's blue eyed son Kareem the heir apparent.

Johnny could have at least gotten a few more persons to attend, had he invited Jason Andrews. Apparently he did not invite either Jason or Jason's Belmopan chairman and they too stayed away along with their people. Who we do know was invited was Oscar Mira the man whom it was reported filed the complaint allegedly accusing Jason of stealing the office supplies. By the way does anyone know if those supplies were ever returned as promised. Jason may not be the sharpest tool in the toolbox nor is he our most favorite person. What he is however is his party' s standard bearer of record in the Belmopan Constituency and a member of the PUP National Party Council. Until that changes the party should not go into Belmopan, plan and host an event without him knowing or being involved at every stage of that event. Even if Mira is Johnny' s new man for the area everything should be done with JA' s knowledge. We take it that after the Belmopan debacle Johnny won't be planning any sort of consultation anytime soon. Johnny we don't envy you or neither do we want to be in your shoes. And please don't try to blame your lackluster consultation on the well attended football match at the SPANKING NEW Isidoro Beaton Stadium. If you do, you will be beating up on yourself even more, saying that the people preferred to pay $25 to stay away from around you than to be around you for FREE!