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Thursday, 17 March 2016 00:00

It now appears that the PUP leader Johnny Briceno wants to be as far away from Lisa Shoman as he possibly can . Hot on the heels of replacing her as a Senator, it seems that she has been replaced on the Belize team that handles the Belize /Guatemalan negotiations. We say that because it is now Assad Shoman who has gone to the OAS meeting in Washington D.C. along with Minister Wilfred Elrington to hold talks with OAS and Guatemalan officials. Ordinarily it would have been Lisa who would have been the Leader of the Opposition’s representative, like she has been doing since 2008, but not so this time.

Lisa is known to be a person with a rather abrasive character. People don’t flock towards her. It is just the opposite, people seem to try and stay very far from her. Running in the opposite direction may be the best thing to do when one sees her and it seems that Johnny is now of that very same view. Run Johnny run is the name of the game in regards to Lisa. During the last eight years it appeared that it was Lisa who killed every traction the PUP tried to gain on the UDP, regardless of what the issue was at the time, she went into attack mode and killed the PUP Buzz. She rode every issue like a horse and rode those horses into the ground and killed them.

Johnny isn’t taking any chances with Lisa he has taken away her soap box. She now holds no rank inside the party as far as we know. Her only soapbox is Facebook and that too may soon not be an option to her because people have stopped commenting on those things she posts. Except for the few ghost writers using some FAKE profiles, that comment on her posts.  Some persons we have spoken to are almost certain that it may be some people’s alter ego doing those writings. Anyone who reads a lot will tell you that writing styles are like finger prints, that identifies it’s author. The long and short is that there is not much attention being paid to her writings. Lisa it seems6 has taken up a hubby to post nature study pictures and dabbling into discussing USA politics as her new horses. We hope she does not disturb and kill nature or change and destroy United States of America politics with her horse riding skills.