Belize receives more benefits from PetroCaribe Print E-mail
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Written by The Guardian   
Thursday, 17 March 2016 00:00

Belize, like all the countries benefiting from the PetroCaribe arrangement with Venezuela, have signed on to a special agreement called “FAO Hugo Chavéz Frías”.

It’s an action plan funded by PetroCaribe to help eradicate hunger, and bring food security to the chosen communities in these countries of Latin America and the Caribbean. In Belize specifically, 6 communities in Toledo, along the Southern Highway, will be benefiting from this initiative which currently has a population of 6,000.

The Ministry of Agriculture says that the thrust of this initiative will allow for the improvement of crops in the south such as corn and beans, which are important crops for these 6 communities. It will increase, hopefully, the level of production, and reduce post-harvest losses of the crops, when it comes to storage.

The budget that the Venezuelan Government has set aside for this project in all the PetroCaribe countries is reported to be 12 million US dollars. The goal is to reach zero persons living in Latin America and the Caribbean suffering from hunger.