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Thursday, 16 March 2017 00:00

johnny briceno.jpg - 77.01 KbPeople who believe their own lies are most commonly identified as pathological liars, however, they can also be identified as suffering from narcissistic personality disorder or borderline personality disorder. These people sometimes believe their own lies on a conscious level. Then there are those who tell lies with the expectations that if they tell a lie often enough, the truth will disappear. They may be referred to as being looney because regardless of how much times lies are told, the truth will always prevail in the end.

We in Belize don't know in which category to place the leader of the PUP,  Johnny Brecino. He it seems is either just plain LIAD or is LOONEY. Take for example the things he has said about the Superbond last week and the Budget this week. At first he referred to the Superbond last week as the UDP Superbond. Everybody and their GOAT know that the Superbond is a creation of the PEOPLE'S UNITED PARTY. It is an amalgamation of loans that were all barrowed by the PUP when they were last in the seat of government. For him to lie in front of his party faithfuls at a PUP Press Conference was bad enough, but when he had the face of brass to try it in the House of Representatives, he was asking for trouble.

We saw PM Barrow's eyes light up and we knew what was coming next. The Prime Minister took Johnny to school. If Johnny did not know about the Superbond or he was lied to about it as perhaps he would prefer us to believe, the PM took his time to explain to Johnny in layman's terms, what the Superbond was and how we got to it. The PM laid out all the loans that made it up and what his party claimed they were to use the proceeds of the loans for. PM Barrow had to remind him that it was hard to believe that, things could have been kept away from him being that at the time of those loans, he, Johnny was the Deputy Prime Minister and second in charged in the PUP and the government.

One would have thought that he would have learnt his lesson and kept his mouth closed for the rest of the day, but low and behold he tried to poke holes into the new Budget, during an interview he gave the media after the meeting. Now we were once told that he has qualifications in the field of Business/Economics or something to do with finance, but from what we heard during that interview we are convinced that Johnny can't even count much less be involved in high finance. Now he is throwing around numbers and accusing the PM of cooking the books and just putting out numbers to look and sound good. One such number, that jumped out at us was when he threw out a 6.6 million deficit. He said that would be a turn of 167 million. In the same vain he spoke of 100 million in new taxes or tax adjustments and a 60 million in savings or cutbacks. Now if one were to add the 100 million, the 60 million and the 6.6 million, that would account for 167 million.

It is as simple 1+1=2. Johnny however seems either to be spewing out statement that someone told him or he just doesn't understand figures . We are dreading his rebuttal to the PM's Budget Presentation. That intervention we suspect will be full of what the bull leaves on the ground in the barnyard, pure BULLS#%@. His presentation could be like a Rodwel Ferguson presentation on steroids. We would then need to ask where is the Johnny Briceno, who once boasted, that BUSINESS WAS HIS FORTE? No wonder nobody in the PUP wants Johnny to lead them. The Musa faction of the PUP may be enjoying the fact that Johnny is making an ass of himself. Kareem and Julius may now be sharpening their knives and getting ready to move in for the kill. Johnny better BEWARE THE TWENTY-THIRD OF MARCH!

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