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Thursday, 16 March 2017 00:00

The mainstream media has come public to say that they are boycotting the police department by not giving any airtime or paper space to any event that the Police may wish to publicize. This came as a result of some changes which were made in the manner in which the media was being given information. As it was the media had free reign and access to all manner of police information, unbridled and unchecked. After careful observation and consideration, because of the many instances where information was being passed on to the media which led to criminal cases being tried in the court of public opinion, a decision was made to put a stop to that method of Police/Press relations. A system which has actually been in place for quite some time now was re-activated in an effort to streamline the flow of information out of the department.

Some media houses have referred to it as a Gag Order which is disingenuous and malicious on their part. They sat around the table with Ministry Officials and Senior Police Officers and were part of the discussion when it was introduced. They agreed that they would come back to the table to re-evaluate the performance of those tasked to release the info to the press. Sure there have been issues with the model and the concerns are real but for the media to come out swinging without first addressing the issue with the relevant authorities is equivalent to the actions of spoilt children accustomed to having their own way.

What we in the media must recognize is that while the police is grateful for a good relationship with the media, it is not dependent on it. Au contraire the media is more dependent on the Police department for the supply of accurate and official information for its news content. If the Police department wishes to disseminate information it can do so for free on social media or pay for ads to be aired. So the media would be well advised to reconsider their current obstinate position and try to resolve this as professionals and not like tantrum throwing kids.