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Written by Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 22 July 2010 00:00
You may have noticed that whenever the leadership of the People’s United Party faces a crisis, whether it’s an overwhelming defeat at election time, or a deep internal rift between factions, they invariably retreat to the safety of their magic mantra “social justice for all”. This philosophy, they maintain, is the main reason for the mass success of the Party, and without these "core values", the Party would go defunct. Good fiddlers, the PUP leaders are, holding a straight face each time they utter these words.
However, what you will never hear from them is an explanation why they are forced, time and time again, to return to these same “core values” we speak about above.  I mean, let’s be logical about this. If you made a mistake once, well, which of us wouldn’t be open to forgive? We are only humans, also seeking forgiveness.  But they commit the same thieving “mistakes” over and over and come back to the people with identical excuse, each time expecting us to believe that they really mean it? Look at how remorseful the PUP leaders have been over the past 25 years.
When the PUP lost the General Elections in December of 1984, they claimed that they had strayed from the philosophy of the Party but pledged to “come home” to these saintly virtues of social justice. It happened that between 1989 and 1993, when the people returned them to office under the slogan “Belizeans First”, no one suspected that what they really meant was that they would create “First Belizeans”.  That was our first sample of Fonseca at the helm of the nation’s purse, a preview of coming attractions, so to speak, engaging in bloated contracts at WASA, the Civic Center, the Fire Station, and the Commercial Center.
The PUP lost the General Elections in 1993 and Belizeans were treated to tear-filled eyes that the Party was penitent of having temporarily abandoned its philosophy of “social justice for all”. Next time around it will be so different, they promised. In fact, leading up to the 1998 elections, they “signed” a contract with the people, committing to 16 or so pledges. Under the leadership of the Comrade, they heralded a new dawn, a new era, full of vision, marching boldly to “Set Belize Free”. 
You see what we got in those ten years, right? We owe billions with little to show for and which we will not be able to settle until 2029. Under Fonseca part two, we got the scandals at SSB, Novelo’s, DFC, Panama, BEL, PGIA, WASA, hedging in international currencies and the sale of BTL for promissory notes.
With all those questionable dealings, one would have thought that the PUP would take a hiatus of at least ten years, but no, they are right here in our face, preaching again about a return to “social justice” and hoping to dupe Belizeans once more into believing that silliness. To prove this point, I want you to take a read of an excerpt from the National Perspective of last week, from Gordon Smith himself. Don’t miss the philosophy part. “…Gordon Smith, like thousands of PUP’s, believes that the leadership of John Briceño and his pack of Dodo Birds has to be replaced by an energetic Leader that demonstrates humility, integrity and compassion. To borrow a few words from Francis Fonseca, on the definition of a PUP Leader, the PUP needs new leadership “who will bring a sense of unity and purpose, work tirelessly to advance the aims and objectives of our Party, listen, build consensus and be a servant of the Party and nation. Renew our Party’s commitment to its core value and philosophy”.
Two pages after this healthy review by Smith, we have one where Marshall Nuñez offers these following words of extreme sagacity “I don’t need for you to make me any offer. What I am fighting for is for the Party to find its true sense of purpose and to redefine its ideals. Simply put, operate on the fundamental principles on which the Party was founded which is, “social justice for all”.
The more things change, the more they remain the same in the People’s United Party. Dear readers, I could have relaxed this week and merely copied Nunez’s complete article, which was an offensive letter to Briceño, and you would have appreciated the level of infighting and hate these people have for each other. Some have suggested that both seem to be drooling with anticipation to return to the helms of corruption. My opinion is that both factions are fighting to come out from the same rotten crocus bag.