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Written by Reymundo “El Rey” Requena   
Thursday, 26 August 2010 00:00
I take this opportunity to thank the writer “Cayo Concerned” for standing up last week in defense of the good people of the Cayo District amidst the blatant show of disrespect dished out to us by Landy Habet when he referred to us as Cayo Fools.
Please allow me to add my two cents because, like the writer last week, I am among the many persons from Cayo who took offence at Habet’s remarks and I am only now waiting for him to come campaigning at my house to take revenge by driving him away.

In his article, Habet bragged about what he did to improve the Victor Galvez stadium when he was Mayor. However, he failed to tell readers about the contracts he gave his brother to undertake the work at the Victor Galvez Stadium much to the dislike of even his colleagues on that PUP council. That is what he should have told the people about.

Instead of putting his foot in his mouth or rather jamming his pen down his throat as he did in this particular case, he should have asked officials engaged in the project about what is happening inside San Ignacio’s very own Norman Broaster Stadium.

For Habet’s information, the works going on inside the Norman Broaster Stadium is the vision of the Hon. Elvin Penner, the very same man who lashed him at the polls in 2008.  As never before in the History of San Ignacio/Santa Elena, the Hon. Elvin Penner in conjunction with the Town Council is bringing the Norman Broaster Stadium up to FIFA standards. 

The 100% Government of Belize funded project is increasing the seating capacity inside the stadium to FIFA standards which comes complete with changing room and modern bathroom facilities. Check that out. This kind of vision, a man like Habet, would have never dreamt about.

In terms of expanding the Broaster Stadium, there have indeed been talks to expand it into the Macal River Park whenever that time comes around.
As for the giving away of the Macal River Park, it’s a confirmed fact that Landy Habet’s PUP government of the past indeed began the giving away of the park. They started off by giving away a first piece to Billy Musa, the very same Billy Musa that Said Musa owns. He got the land from the PUP with full title and so the council’s hands are tied. Brother Billy, as he is known in other circles, will soon begin the construction of a Brodies warehouse on that prime piece of land that once belonged to the good people of San Ignacio and Santa Elena. No thanks to Habet and his PUP government, the land no longer belongs to us, but instead it is now inside the greedy hands of the Musas.

Landy Habet is bad news for Cayo. That criminal organization involved in politics known as the PUP is bad news for all of Belize.  I will be keeping a careful eye on them and I will be writing periodically. My motivation comes from doing my part in the effort at ensuring that our future and the future of our children is never again placed into the hands of that criminal organization involved in politics. They raped and ravaged our country for ten long years. We will be paying for their Super-Bond misdeeds for a very long time.

Forward forever with the United Democratic Party. Let them put that in their pipes and smoke it.