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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 26 August 2010 00:00
On Thursday, August 12, Hon. Michael Hutchison, Area Representative for Belize Rural Central, joined Michael Ortiz, Chairman of Ladyville Village, and other residents to celebrate the opening of Belize’s newest uniform manufacturing company, Lov’n Touch.

Lov’n Touch is the pet project of Christina Flores. Flores is a member of the Belize-Michigan Charter of the Diaspora. The Belize-Michigan Charter has been one of the more active ones here in Belize. It was instrumental in the opening of the 4-h Program. Flores said that Dr. Bennett, former President of the Charter, wanted a sewing program to be started in Belize. Since she spent most of her career in a sewing factory and understands the need for employment in her home village, Ladyville, she volunteered to spearhead the effort. 

On Thursday August 12, Flores was both excited and relieved to see the program started. She said that it would not have been possible without the support of Hon. Michael Hutchinson, Chairman Mike Ortiz and the past and present Village Council. Minister Hutchinson joked about Flores’ persistence. He said that she was always behind him. Hutchinson challenged others to be like her. He said, “Whenever you have an idea that is for the overall development of your community you must fight for it.” He said that Flores never allowed him to forget-“That is how you keep your Area Representative accountable.” Hutchinson said that there are two things he hates doing: “One is to beg and the other is to owe”. He said that politics have caused him to learn to do both. He went out looking for donations and managed to secure three sewing machines, one of them a heavy duty one. He got other supplies for the group on credit; including, a refrigerator, stove and other appliances. He is using the Area Representative’s monthly allowance to pay for the goods. He said, “This is just the start. In a year or two this will be huge.”

The Village Council allows the group to operate out of a section of the community center. Mike Ortiz congratulated the women on their initiative. He encouraged the younger ladies and men in the village to join the group and learn a skill. He said that Lov’n Touch’s service will be well appreciated. Flores says that the immediate goal is to supply the village with school uniforms and the long term goal is to develop into a respectable company that produces a variety of products. She said, “We know that we have a strong partner because Hutchy has given us the assurance that we can depend on him.”

Training and support for Lov’n Touch is also being provided by the Women’s Department. Similar groups are being developed across the country. This is the framework for the development of a national sewing industry.