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Thursday, 23 September 2010 00:00

Eamon CourtenayIt is reminiscent of a high stakes poker game in the Wild West inside the People’s United Party as bets are made, bluffs are called, and guns are drawn all in an effort to secure the upper ranks of that party’s executive. Take the case of Mr. 3.34 million dollars Eamon “little demon" Courtenay who has been able to pull a fast one on Luke Espat, the consummate PUP insider. Espat had applied for the post of National Campaign Manager for the PUP but was forced to step aside and down for a lesser dubious post within the PUP. 

It is our understanding that the demon wants to get his hands again on the country's purse since he believes Ralph Fonseca will not be around in a PUP government and that Johnny cakes, his good friend will give him a lucrative ministry in a hundred years when the PUP wins again.  Readers will remember that the demon was in charge of BELTRAIDE which was wrecked under his watch. He was then promoted to a minister through the Senate enjoying lavish perks along the way. He also was one of Michael Ashcroft's employees after being kicked out of Said Musa's Cabinet. He has also been the lawyer of record for Mr. Ashcroft's Belize Bank. It is noteworthy that the name Courtenay comes with some serious baggage and many believe that they have inflicted some severe damage to the country and are, plainly put, bad for Belize.
Between 1989 and 1993 the demon's father Harry Courtenay was charged with theft for embezzling 3.34 million dollars from the Belize Social Security Board when he was the Chairman of the Board. During that same period, his son David was the contractor of record that built the existing eyesore known as the Belize City Center or Civic. David was also involved in the destruction of the DFC and not to mention was wrapped up with the Mahogany Heights project which sucked nearly 90 million dollars of tax payers’ money with a little less than a village to show for it.

Now the demon is being challenged by Luke Espat. Espat claims Courtenay has been absent from the post of Campaign Manager; however, a deal was reached which saw Espat accepting a lesser role in the PUP Executive. The rumor mill has it, however, that despite the promise made to Courtenay it is quite likely that it will not be honored and the consummate PUP will be left in the cold winter wonderland, wondering what it was that he did to deserve to be treated in this manner; can anyone tell Lucas that “You are part of the Old Guard” and the new hustlers want nothing to do with you.”

From our standpoint, whatever happens inside that poker room, it would be best that the drawn guns actually fire off and that no one is left standing to man that corrupt and incorrigible party known as the PUP.