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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 09 December 2010 00:00

Hon. John SaldivaThe Hon. John Saldivar, Minister of the Public Service, Governance Improvement, Elections and Boundaries and Sports has announced that he will be holding a series of consultations across the country to address the issues facing the sport of football in Belize.

Minister Saldivar is calling on all football players, coaches, executives and fans to attend the meetings. He has already made it clear that the Ministry of Sports and the Government of Belize has no interest in running football in this country- “That is for the players, organizers, fans and other stakeholders to do.” He said, “What I want to do is listen to the concerns and views about the federation and football in Belize.”

The plan is to take the ideas from the consultations and incorporate them in the national strategic plan for sports in Belize. Minister Saldivar said that intention is not to undermine or interfere in the affairs of the Football Federation of Belize. However, he intends to make sure that the players have a say in the future of Belizean football at its highest level and that can only be done by ensuring that the President and Executives of FFB are elected under a truly democratic system. He said, “My objective over the next few weeks is to determine whether or not that system exists and if it doesn’t exist how we can make it democratic so that there is no dictatorship by the people making decisions about football in this country.” 

He said that it is not too late to save the sport; “It is going to take time and effort, but most of all it will take the will of the players.” A schedule for the consultation tour is featured on page 6 and is entitled “National Consultation with Footballers and Stakeholders”. Once again, all players are encouraged to take part and share their ideas on how to restore and improve football in Belize.