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Thursday, 17 March 2011 00:00

CouncilorOn March 1 Councilor Dean Samuels was elected as the new Deputy Mayor for Belize City. The Guardian Newspaper took time out this week to speak to the newly elected deputy on his plans for the city. Samuels began first by explaining that he is a two time elected councilor during which he says he’s had numerous accomplishments for the city.

One of those accomplishments was when he moved the Traffic Department & the Municipal Court into buildings owned by the Belize City Council saving the Council over $100,000.00 a year. Samuels says that the bus sheds constructed and being constructed across the city were part of his plan to improve traffic regulations in the city. He was also one of the innovators who pushed for the use of roundabouts in the traffic regulation system. He also improved the mobility of the Traffic Department securing numerous donations of motorcycles and bicycles for the use of traffic officers. He was the Councilor who initiated the cobblestone street paving project for the adjoining streets of Albert & Regent Streets which started with King Street being the first to be completed.Councilor Samuels as the Councilor responsible for Works, Streets and Drains on the South was the driving force behind the rehabilitation of the Conch Shell Bay project; he had the canal filled and botans used as retaining walls. He also introduced the Coney Drive Project which led to the demarcation and signs being placed on all connecting streets. He ensured that the Works Department received the necessary equipments needed to work efficiently. He is also responsible for the placing of the Traffic Gazebo at the foot of the Swing Bridge.

Moving onto accomplishments in the last year of his tenure as deputy, Samuels explained to the Guardian that he will press forward not only in the portfolios that have been assigned to him which include Works on the Southside of Belize City and the Traffic Department, but that he will work outside of those. Areas in which he plans to effect major changes include revenue collection, and greater outreach to the citizenry of Belize City. He added that already in the portfolios which he holds he is making strides; in the bus system, there are already Belize City Bus routes that will come into effect shortly. There are also plans underway for the implementation of a new Testing Area for the licensing of vehicles. Also a new public parking space is being worked on at the corner of South Street and Regent Street.