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Thursday, 30 October 2014 00:00

wade espat.jpg - 51.54 KbSilence from Julius Espat and Louis Wade of Plus TV is frustrating senior members of the People’s United Party. Over a week ago the press found out that Joseph Mahmud, Area Representative for Cayo North, had submitted a letter to Francis Fonseca signaling his resignation as PUP Standard Bearer for Cayo North. Mahmud resigned out of frustration due to constant undermining and disrespect by PUP Deputy Leader Julius Espat. Since Mahmud’s resignation, Espat’s supporters have been lobbying for the party to insert Louis Wade as the Standard Bearer for Cayo North.

Espat’s supporters believe Wade’s television station’s reach in the Cayo area is one of the main reason the PUP were able to make up ground in the West from 2008 to 2012. They believe Plus TV can benefit the entire PUP Western Caucus.

Shortly after the 2012 elections, Espat’s supporters urged him to reach out to Wade’s talk show co-host, Jason Patrick Andrews, in order to convince him to represent PUP in the Belmopan Constituency. They believe Julius can use the alliance with Andrews to persuade Wade to come out of the closet and throw his hat into the ring for his People’s United Party. 

The people lobbying for Wade are true blue old school PUP. It has been over a week and they have not heard anything from Louis Wade. More frustrating for them is that they have not heard anything from Julius Espat about an invitation to Wade. They believe the PUP needs to act quickly in Cayo North to limit the head start by the UDP’s Omar Figueroa who was elected in convention months ago. 

The Guardian will stay tuned to Plus TV’s morning show “Rise and Shine” in the days ahead to see how much further it drifts from a Christian oriented show to an anti-government gossip session. More importantly, we will be waiting to hear Wade’s answer to the question “Will he or won’t he?”

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