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Thursday, 04 December 2014 00:00

chetumal st bridge.jpg - 112.62 KbThe Chetumal Street bridge is now a reality. In September, it was announced that a new bridge would be constructed over the Haulover Creek which would connect Belama and Fabers Road. This was deemed necessary to alleviate the traffic which flows through the city. At the time naysayers and doomsday peddlers seeped out of the woodwork and tried to condemn the idea. “Criminals will have easy access from the ghetto to the north-side” – crap. Every possible negative criticism under the sun was thrown at the project. Those dark days for hundreds of Belizeans entering and leaving Belize City are now being illuminated by the very real prospect of a new bridge. A state of the art, locally constructed ferro-concrete bridge now spans the Haulover Creek.  Just a few months ago the area where the bridge now sits was nothing but wilderness and it was almost unimaginable that such a transformation was possible with the construction of a bridge. Apart from the improved aesthetics that this bridge now provides to the area, the economic benefits it represents are unimaginable. Lets look at a simple example. A person travelling from Orange Walk town to Belmopan as it is, has to drive through Belize City over Belcan Bridge, down Mahogany Street, into Western Avenue and then unto the George Price highway.  This would be from the junction of Phillip Goldson Highway and Chetumal Street to the junction of Fabers Road and George Price Highway, representing  roughly,  a distance of three miles. That means a loss of valuable time, not to mention the fuel that is consumed whilst in traffic. The new bridge which physically bridges Chetumal Street and Independence Boulevard will also metaphorically bridge time and money for people. It is a reality that people’s pockets will have a little more money  as the expense and time of travelling will be cut by three miles.

The traffic through the city will be significantly reduced and the wear and tear on the city streets will be less. There are so many benefits that this bridge brings especially to the people who live near it. Property value will surely go up. Businesses will be established and the correct ones will definitely experience an increase in traffic. Easy and quicker access to downtown Belize City for residents of Belama and the list goes on. The bridge which cost the Government of Belize 5 million dollars was funded with Petro Caribe Funds. The same funds that the People’s United Party took the Government to court for. Just goes to show that they are not interested in development; not for Belize and certainly not for its people. The bridge was designed and constructed by M&M Engineering and made history by being the first bridge in Belize to be fully conceptualized and built by Belizeans in Belize. The estimated time for completion is for this month and by the looks of it the contractors are on target. It is a beautiful and sturdy bridge and represents the commitment that the United Democratic Party has for the people of Belize. Over and over the UDP has proven that it is by far the superior party when it comes to developing Belize and Belizeans. We should not lose focus and we must all put our shoulders to the wheel and trudge forward. The legacy we leave behind is what our children and grandchildren will judge us by. The Honorable Dean Barrow and the UDP have ensured that what Belize is being transformed into will be a legacy our grandchildren will be proud of.

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