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Thursday, 04 December 2014 00:00

harrison and wade.jpg - 40.11 KbAfter slamming his party on Facebook for their undemocratic practices, Richard Harrison was appointed the PUP Standard Bearer for Cayo North. He was forced to quickly swallow his own vomit and tried to deflect the proverbial “puppet master” bullet he launched at his party. Unfortunately for Harrison, he is too slow to realize that he is being spread on top of the political altar. The PUP knows they have no chance to win the January 5 bye-election; therefore, they have chosen their least favourite and most expendable candidate in the pool. Their most desired candidate continues to be the Big Mouth of Plus TV and if Wade answers the call then Harrison will simply be a seat holder until shortly after January 5.

As we’ve reported previously, senior PUP officials in the Western Caucus want Plus TV’s Big Mouth to take over as PUP Standard Bearer for Cayo North. They believe his television station’s popularity in the Cayo area can benefit the entire PUP Western Caucus. However, they do not want him for January 5 as they have already conceded to Omar Figueroa. Immediately after January 5 the Western Caucus will resume courtship of the self proclaimed pastor who raised over $50,000 in one campaign fundraiser and refuses to publicize who were the biggest donors and how much tax he paid, if any.

It is not time to focus on the Big Mouth yet because we will have plenty of time after January 5, if he steps up to the plate, to empty out his closet and reveal all of Ezekiel’s dry bones. This time is Harrison’s in the spotlight. To him we say “Poor Richy”. No finance, support or good wishes will be extended from the PUP to Harrison during his campaign. He is simply a goat being led to the slaughter. We look forward to some more facebook posts from Harrison after January 5.

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