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Thursday, 14 May 2015 00:00

The Annual General Meeting of the Christian Workers Union (CWU) held on February 28th 2015 was sneaked in on the general public like a thief passing through in the dark. The interested public who rallied behind the stevedores to see justice done were left unaware. There seemed to have been very little or no media coverage for the historic first year of activity under the rule of the all meddling self appointed saviour of the workers, Matura. How so ironic that the media hungry, publicity greedy President Matura did not make it a media event.

On closer scrutiny one can now see why. The President passed off on an apparently unsuspecting membership what can only be classified as worthless and total rubbish, a   hurriedly prepared Income Statement. A statement, that to the eye, cannot withstand scrutiny by any accounting standards. Imagine the publics’ surprise at this rubbish of a statement from an individual who is a stickler for accountability and transparency! How can the queen of transparency hopeful ever think that she can get away with such a stunt?

It seems as if though she had little problem pulling the wool over media stand out and Matura supporter Mose Hyde. The conspiracy was further thickened by the complicity of Central bank union representative Brannon, NTUCB president Mora, and other movers and pushers within the labor movement.

A quick analysis of the income statement shows total dues collected of $104,000. Of the total dues 52% or $54,000 represented salaries. A whopping $19,000 represents miscellaneous and a further $4,000 was spent on “Other Administration Expenses”. It is unthinkable that $23,000 was spent without any clear line item description and no one at the AGM questioned this kind of spending? How come the president of the NTUCB did not question the absence of the presence of any membership payment to the NTUCB?  Membership should have been falling head over heels to question the President Matura at the absence of any provision for a striking fund.

Matura’s presentation of such rubbish should count as serious cause for a breach of confidence in her ability to hold any role as president for any such organization. Protocol dictates that Matura should have presented to the membership a full set of Financial Statements at an AGM. This means that there should have been Balance Sheet, Profit and Loss, Source and Application, and Notes to the Financial Statements. This would have allowed membership to properly appraise the performance and stability of the CWU.

Perhaps membership may need to write their president a demand for answers to the following questions:

1) Breakdown of $23,000 spent on Miscellaneous and Other admin. expenses
2) Disclosure as to list of employees that received $54,000 in salaries
3) Magnitude of Loan and purpose for which loan funds were used
4) When, how, and who gave approval to acquire loan
5) Balance available in bank
6) Balance available, and the health of the Strike Fund if there is any