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Thursday, 01 October 2015 00:00

Belize Telemedia limited held its Annual General Meeting on Tuesday September 29. At the meeting it was announced that shareholders will be receiving a 23 cent return per share. This is representative of 65% of its net profit being distributed in dividends. All told the company declared 32 million dollars in profits which is down from 35 million last year. Income this year stands at $135,440,000 also down from 136,163,000 last year. And while the company performed just slightly lower than it did last year it paid business tax to the tune of 15,375,000 also down by a million from last year’s contribution.

Even with lower profits, company executives say that BTL will rebound and rebound significantly with estimates of revenue being predicted to jump over $150 million in the next financial year. Already the company is seeing those figures materialize as benefits from investments done last year as well as promotions begin to bear fruit.