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Thursday, 07 January 2016 00:00

Is Audrey now an undertaker or funeral director? According to News 5 the family of recently deceased Mrs. Pamela Cumberbatch, they are upset about attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd entering the late Miss Pam’s home along with another person they referred to as a stranger. According to them the attorney along with a stranger were there on the instruction of Miss Pam’s husband who is recovering from the very same traffic accident that claimed the life of Miss Pam. They say the attorney said she was there to get Miss Pam’s wedding dress for her to be buried in. For clarity we will quote direct from the News 5 story.

“Pam’s Siblings Incensed that Attorney and Unknown Person Entered Their Sister’s Home

Even in death, controversy seems to surround Pamela Bennett.  Late this afternoon, police were summoned to the businesswoman’s residence where irate members of her family were gathered.  Their bone of contention is that attorney Audrey Matura-Shepherd, along with someone considered a stranger to Bennett’s siblings, had entered the house on Caesar Ridge Road and removed several articles. Those items reportedly included a wedding dress. According to Bennett’s sister, the family was not made aware of Calvin Cumberbatch’s decision to have his wife buried in her wedding dress. Subsequently, they did not know that anyone would have been entering the home without their knowledge.  The incident unfolded sometime after three o’clock this afternoon, before an audience of onlookers and passersby. “ News Five spoke with the incensed sibling. The following was what New 5 reported she said

“Well my sister passed away and thing; husband still ina di hospital. So the lawyer come last night, weh dah my sister lawyer, Miss Audrey Matura, and she state to my ma what wah be the situation weh she wah do. She explained one thing to my ma, saying that she wah get the key fi my sister house and thing and my ma agree with all of that since she dah di lawyer. Now today, dah wah different thing now that…when we listen, she talk to the husband, she is get the key and she come ina di house behind my ma back with a stranger weh dah no part of my family, saying she di look fi my sister wedding dress for my sister to bury ina when my ma not even know weh ih daughter wah bury ina. And I think that noh right because my ma should know exactly weh wah be each step with ih daughter funeral and thing. So that dah weh we upset about and I tell Miss Matura you are wrong. You tell my ma one thing; that you wah come for the key. Come to my ma and tell ahn weh unu do and weh unu say dah hospital and thing. She say she come and look fi wah wedding dress weh di husband request weh ih want ih wife bury ina. We understand that, but weh di ma want. And my ma noh wah deh against that if dehn look fi wah wedding dress, but bring the mother fi come supervise weh di happen in the house, especially with a stranger? Miss Marina is no part of our family. So that is what we are upset about.”

Here at this Newspaper we don’t know who is Miss Marina the sister refers to but who we know is Audrey. We are not saying that Audrey did anything illegal by entering the home since the husband as Ms Pam’s next of kin not only lived there and has the legal right to decide when, how and by whom his late wife’s funeral arrangements should be handled .

However there is a thing called compassion or some may refer to as lack of compassion involved here. Not only is Miss Pam’s husband mourning but so too are her siblings and her mother. Their feelings should also be considered. We come from a compassionate society. Show respect and allowing people to honor their dead relatives is one way we show our compassion. We are sure Audrey has interacted with Miss Pam’ s relatives before. She has made money representing members of that family before and should show some of that same compassion she showed for the cameras when she had to represent them in their time of need. These people are no strangers to Audrey. Come on Audrey this is not ambulance chasing, this looks like hearst chasing. Have a HEART AUDREY. Use that fire you have to bring this family together. Be the glue that holds them bonded in their darkest hour.