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Thursday, 14 January 2016 00:00

For at least a year Ernest ‘Birdman’ Olivera has been calling Wave Radio’s Morning Show complaining that KREM Radio has a piece of land for him and they are refusing to give it to him.

At the Guardian we decided to find out what Olivera’s gripe is about and found a very irate man who says he won a prize from KREM radio station for over a year now and they are yet to make good on their raffle. Olivera says that in November of 2014 he stopped by at the corner of West Canal and Regent Street West where there was some activity going on. When he inquired he was told that KREM Radio was having a raffle to celebrate their 25th anniversary and the prizes included 25 lots. Having no land in his name Olivera decided to put in his name and phone number in the hopes of being one of 25 winners to the raffle.

A few weeks after entering the raffle, Olivera was approached by some of his friends telling him he had ‘come up’ meaning he had won one of the lots. Confirming the claims was an advert on page 36 of the Sunday December 7th, 2014 Amandala newspaper which showed him as the 9th winner of the raffle. An elated Olivera says he followed the instructions on the advert and proceeded to go to 3304 Partridge Street in Belize City carrying with him a valid Belizean Passport and a social security card. Olivera was told that he would receive his land in no time.

Well when we visited with Olivera all he had in his had was a copy of the Amandala newspaper, which he has been holding on to, keeping it in a plastic bag under his bed, for the better part of a year. He says that despite numerous attempts to collect on his prize he has been unable to do so. KREM’s promotion was dubbed “KREM BIG SHILLING”. And if it were only that he could get at least that or an explanation as to why he has not yet gotten the land, he would be satisfied.

And while Olivera may not want to hold his breath on this as we are told that along with him, there are other winners who too have been unable to claim their prize. It would seem that at least 25 people were bamboozled on this one.

As for the land, we are reliably informed that it was a 25 acre plot of land in Cotton Tree which was gifted to KREM (it is currently under the name of one of the principals at the radio station) to distribute to first time land owners. They decided to do a raffle and that was as far as it went.