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Thursday, 28 January 2016 00:00

Monday January 25th 2016

Land reforms, especially assets for those without land, are fundamental to poverty alleviation.  Which is why  Dangriga Representative the Honorable Frank “Papa” Mena, Minister of State with responsibility for Public Service, Energy and Public Utilities is taking on the daunting task of trying to make poverty an obsolete matter in his constituency.  While public debate decries corruption and all sorts of malfeasance to make the ruling UDP Government appear to be mired in wrong doing, that’s the furthest thing from the truth here in Dangriga. 

Belize has 8,867 square miles and of those square miles, in the past it seemed as if though only the “haves” were getting and the “have nots” were being left behind.  That may soon become an issue of the very distant past for Grigalizeans.  In his campaign for political office, Dangriga Representative Hon. Frank “Papa” Mena, said “Poverty is the biggest injustice to anyone.  Is it a bad thing to own a piece of land?”

As demands for land soars in Belize’s Culture Capital Dangriga, new infrastructure is being built, opening up parts of the town and creating new pockets of land.  With the efforts of Hon. Frank Mena, 500 new lots were discovered in the Rivas Estates area.  The first stage of the project started the day after General Elections Thursday, November 5th 2015.  It all started with land clearing for roads to make it accessible for the utility companies to step in and do their part.

Even though it’s a work in progress, qualified first time land owners and many others believe it’s an overnight process.  “The project involves planning and will take quite a while before the distribution goes into effect.  This is not tomorrow.  “We still have a lotta work.” says a heavy machinery operator.   A potential land owner says, “It’s a good thing!  I have been renting for 8 years with a wife and children.  I am tired of paying rent when I could put it towards my own. This is not even for me, it’s for my children.  I am glad “Papa” Mena thought about us.  That’s why I am here to apply.  It’s a good thing.”