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Thursday, 25 February 2016 00:00

In Belize we always hear the phrase “one step forward, two steps backward” and in football that seems to be the norm. About four years ago many Belizeans thought that Belizean Football had taken a turn for the better, but like many other things it seems it was not to be. A friend of ours who was maybe the most prolific goal scorer from the 1970’s and early to mid 1980’, told us that he hoped the present FFB President would prove him wrong and not become like the Former President, but now he is seeing history repeating itself in the FFB. Once again a storm appears to be brewing in football. It reminds us of the same storm that took place during the era under the Former President.

Elections are due or should we say overdue for the FFB and the same games that kept the Former President in power for over ten (10) years appears to be at play again. The voting in the FFB according to the FFB statues are done by delegates. These delegates in a way are very much like the Senators appointed by the Churches, Business community and Unions. They should vote as per instructions of the people who appointed them. In effect it is like holding a proxy. Before an election those delegates should seek directions from the membership of the bodies they represent. For example the delegate or delegates representing the Belize District Football Association should convene a General Membership, where it’s membership will be asked to vote on who they would like their delegate or delegates to vote for at an FFB General Assembly. They would also elect the person or persons they would want to serve on their association.

However there is where the situation gets cloudy. Some members of the FFB prefer to handpick the members of the various district associations, because those persons keep those EXECUTIVES in place by voting for them even though the association they represent may have instructed them to vote otherwise. The way the handpicking is done is by finding some obscure reason to not allow challengers to even get nominated to run for the District Association elections. One may be wondering how this is accomplished and why these delegates would allow themselves to be used in such a sinister manner. Well you see there are various trips abroad like the World Cup and those occasions when Belize’s Football teams play in tournaments abroad and one could get a chance to go on those trips if they are in the good books of the executive. We know readers may by now be asking if that is bribery, but we won’t answer that . You readers are very smart people and will be able to form your very own conclusions.

This type of occurrence is not unique to our FFB, that is the way things operate in FIFA. We have all heard of those Federal Indictment Charges of various FIFA Executives and just a little probing will unearth all sorts of strange goings on. The charges of bribery has always hung over FIFA’ s head. FIFA is about BIG MONEY and we have all at one time or another heard the phrase money is the root of all evil. There will always be persons who try to hold on to power at all costs and our situation in little Belize appears to be no different. There are some members of the FFB who appear may be trying to stop this type of thing. They have sighted what they term as perhaps the president running a one-man show, whereby he is making decisions behind their backs and also doing thing outside of the way elections are to be conducted. Those persons convened a meeting and have decided to suspend their president as they claim they have the rights to under their Constitution. As to how that will work out we don’t know, but our wish is that in the end whatever happens will be the best for Belizean Football.

A lot of accusations and counter-accusations have been made by the opposing sides, that makes a very distasteful stew and we don’t intend to add to that by calling names of who said what or who did what. We don’t think this should be about personalities. It is about not following the rules  that have been clearly set out to govern the administration of football . If we fail to work within those rules, we will suffer failures every time regardless of who is in the driver’s seat. At this newspaper we certainly won’t be taking sides. The beautiful game of football should be played on the field and the talk should be about the players not the persons who administer the sport. During the last six months there has been scandals a plenty in the world of football, but here in Belize we have not been a part of that. We need to get our house in order and get it done fast.