Johnny has to pay Francis Fonseca’s debts - Belize Times going to court for not paying GST Print E-mail
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Thursday, 03 March 2016 00:00

Johnny Briceno has just retaken the leadership of the PUP and once again he will have to take on financial burdens which made him not only complain in his last tenure but also made him resign. One of those bills which the New Old PUP Party leader will have to pay off is a mounting debt which is owed the government of Belize by way of GST.

The Guardian is reliably informed that the Belize Times has been delinquent in paying its GST taxes from as far back as February of 2010. Between that period of time up to February 2011 the PUP party’s newspaper collected GST and did not pay it in to the department. When penalties and interest are added to the amounts owed it comes up to $3,908.72. But that is not the end of it for non-payment of GST as for the period of July 2014 to December 2015 the newspaper collected an additional $32,034.52. Add interest and penalties and the amount goes up to a staggering $39,881.74 for that period.  All told the PUP party organ owed $43,790.46 to the GST department.

What makes the debt disturbing is the fact that the monies were actually collected on behalf of the government but were never paid in.

For a party who claims to be reforming this definitely does not prove that they are actually practicing what they are preaching. In the past, the PUP and its newspaper has been critical of the government asking that it be more accountable. Well it is one thing to say it but it is quite another thing to do it.

Now the man who has to clear up this debt is Johnny Briceno. As the PUP’s leader straightening up these kinds of problems falls squarely on his lap. Before resigning on October 7, 2011 Briceno had been bled by the PUP party for 42 months during which he carried the entire financial burden of the PUP. He even lashed out against those who became millionaires under the 1998 - 2008 tenure of the PUP but to no avail he kept on having to pay the bills. History is now repeating itself as he is again the one who they will look to in order to pay this first of many many bills which were left behind by Francis Fonseca.