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Thursday, 22 April 2010 00:00

The level of complete disregard and care for the people of Belize by the former People’s United Party government continues to surface two years after that corrupt party was voted out of office. Just recently the current government of Belize was made aware that two parcels of land along with a building that had been designated as a market for the people of Ranchito village was taken over by the PUP through one of their supporters.

On December 10th of 2007, driver for Florencio Marin Armando Martinez, was given

the go ahead to purchase lots number 00342 containing .4972 acres of land for a measly purchase price of $1,175 and another parcel: lot number 00764 containing .2649 acres of land again for only $1,175. Interestingly enough the approval was given just two months before the 2008 general elections and by January 15th of that year the transaction had been completed. While the speed at which the transaction was completed is an eyebrow raiser what is worse in the entire situation is the fact that there is a 20X20 concrete building on one of the parcels of land valued at some 30 thousand dollars. This building was constructed by the people of Ranchito Village with the labor and the material being put in by the villagers.

Despite that fact and the reality that the building and the two parcels of land on which it sits had been designated as a market for Ranchito village, the PUP in their usual corrupt behavior swiped in to purchase the land along with the building for a pittance. Now the building serves as some form of PUP office with it boldly painted in blue and white and a similar flag planted in front of it.

While the building and land stand as testament to the PUP’s greed, this government is committed to reacquiring the land and house and to return in into the hands of the people of Ranchito village.  With the upcoming village council elections those same villagers need to remember that the PUP have had control of Ranchito for the past 36 years and in that period of time they gave nothing to them yet took so much all at the expense of the villagers of Ranchito.