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Thursday, 14 October 2010 00:00

Matthew Guy, Angelica Lima, Lindsay Wade and Candra WadeFour of six immigration officers believed to have been involved in aiding Chinese nationals to come into the country illegally through the Phillip Goldson International Airport were taken before the Magistrate’s Court on Tuesday October 12.

Following investigations by police, Senior Immigration Officer, Angelica Lima, 42, a resident of Los Lagos in Ladyville Village; 30-year-old Lindsay Wade, a resident of Los Logos area, Ladyville Village; along with Candra Wade, 29, of #16 Antelope Street, Belize City and 33-year-old Jason Daly, a resident of Bradley’s Crescent, Belama Phase 2 area, Belize City appeared in court before Chief Magistrate Margaret Gabb-Mckenzie.
The four officers were served with a total of 64 counts.  Candra Wade received 19 charges, and Jason Daly received 17 while Angelica Lima received a total of 24 counts; Lindsay Wade received four charges.
Lima received 12 counts for forgery.  One charge reads that Angelica Lima committed the offense of “Forgery of an official document” contrary to section 176 of the Criminal Code Chapter 101 of the substantive laws of Belize, Revised Edition 2000. The charge reads that Lima, on 3rd of October 2010, at the Phillip Goldson International Airport, Ladyville Village in the Belize Judiciary District, forged an official document to wit: the arrival record of one Chen Yan carrying Japanese Passport #TH024788; she was additionally read 11 more counts of this nature which is said to have occurred on either, September 18, 19 or October 3, 2010. The other names for the remaining 11 counts of forgery are for alleged Japanese nationals with the following names and passport numbers: Ling Ming, passport # TH0264918; Huang Hong Fei, passport # TH0264872; Hang Hong Ying, passport #TH0264813; Chen Ying Uin, passport # TH04215484. These occurred on October 3. Other charges which stemmed from an incident on September 18 included the names of Shao Peng with passport # JP #TH0264861. Then there were charges for an incident on September 19 for Huang Xiao Xiong, passport # JP #TH0264918; Qiu Liang Hou, Passport #TH0264907; Wang Xiao Xia passport #TH0264862; Sun Mei Duan, passport # TH0733801; Zhang Jian passport #TH3174425; and Lin Cong Hui, passport #TH0264909.

Lima was additionally charged with 12 count s of “Purposely aiding and facilitating the commission of an offense under the immigration act, “Contrary to section 34 (2) (g) of the Immigration Act Chapter  156 of the Substantive Laws of Belize R.E. 2000 read along with regulation 12 of the Immigration Regulations, Subsidiary Laws of Belize, R.E. 2003.” The first count was that on the 19th of September, 2010, at the Phillip Goldson International Airport (PGIA), Ladyville Village, in the Belize Judiciary, Lima purposely assisted one Zhang Jian carrying Japanese Passport #TH3174425 to enter Belize without a valid permit (visa) -plus 11 more charges similar to this in the names of 11 other alleged Japanese passengers.
Jason Daly’s 17 counts include, eight counts for forgery for allegedly forging an official document- to wit an arrival record in the names of nine alleged Japanese passengers names, Xuevang Xie, #TH0264878; Bin Xien Kong, #TH0264907; Yah Ping Lin. #TH0204906; Zhan Fei Fei, #TH0264905; Zhan Jin Ja, #TH0264903; Zhan Ming Hong #TH0264902; Ming Feng You, #TH0264876; Mei Quan You, #TH0264908,   plus an additional nine counts of purposely aiding the same persons mentioned.

Wade’s four charges are for two counts of forgery in the name of Zhu Binje, #TH0264914; and another person along with two counts of purposely aiding-in the name of Liu Yong Ju, #TH0264788; and in the name of Zhu Binje, #TH0264914. Candra Wade’s charges were for nine forgery and ten counts of purposely aiding.
In court, there was no objection to bail but the court prosecutor, Sgt. Pablo Pikney asked the court to please set conditions for bail to ensure that they return to the court on all court adjournments.
In the case of Linsday Wade, his bail was set at $5,000 plus one surety of $5,000 or two sureties of $2,500 each which he was able to meet by 6:00 on Tuesday evening. Bail was set for Daly, Lima and Candra Wade in the sum of $20,000 plus two sureties of $10,000 each.
But due to a time frame, they were unable to meet bail and were remanded into custody at the Queen Street Police Station. Candra Wade met bail on Wednesday morning while Jason Daly met bail at around 12:00 on Wednesday afternoon.
In Wade’s case his bail conditions were that he must report to the Clerk of Court in Belize City every Wednesday between the hours of 9:00 and 11:30 and that he is not to interfere with any witnesses for the prosecution. Candra Wade, Daly and Lima were given similar conditions to their bail with the condition that they report to the Clerk of Court every Tuesday between the hours of 9 - 11:30 a.m., and they are not to interfere with the prosecution witnesses. Any violation of the bail conditions will result in bail confiscation.
The case of the four accused was adjourned for December 14.

In court, Candra wade was represented by Ellis Arnold while Simeon Sampson represented the other three accused persons.
On Wednesday October 13th, 2 other Immigration officers were slapped with charges of forgery and purposely aiding and facilitating in the commission of an offense. 37-year-old Mark Tench, a resident of Bradley Crescent and 37-yearold Matthew Guy, of #214 Sword Fish Drive, Vista del Mar area, Ladyville appeared before Chief Magistrate Margaret Gabb Mckenzie. They were escorted there by police shortly before 4p.m.
In court, Tench was represented by Arthur Saldivar while Guy was represented by Dr. Elston Kaseske Unlike their fellow work collegues, Candra Wade, Angelica Lima, Jason Daly and Lindsay Wade, the charges read to Tench and Guy took less than 10 minutes to complete. Both Tench and Guy were charged separately with two counts each of forgery of an official document and two counts each of Purposely aiding and facilitating the commission of an offense under the immigration act.

No plea was taken since the matters will be death with on indictment. Bail was set in the sum of $5,000 each plus one surety or to sureties of $2,500 each which they both met.
The bail conditions were similar to the others, that they must all report to the clerk of court once a week and that they must not interfere with the prosecution witnesses. If they violate the bail condition, their bail will be revoked.
Disclosure was also order by the Chief Magistrate and the matter was further adjourn for December 14th.