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Thursday, 21 January 2016 00:00

front page.jpg - 75.85 KbThe United Democratic party has received a copy of the list of the delegates and the alternates who will be able to vote at their upcoming national convention. And while the UDP has gotten the list, our information suggests that not all the candidates have been able to get their hands on the list. That is because those who have access to the list and who are responsible to ensure that it is given to all those running, have chosen to keep it and share it with only one of the candidates.

This decision has caused great animosity between the candidates who were left out and the PUP’s secretariat which is being accused of playing favorite with only one of the candidates. Even as that is taking place however, the secretariat has been blatant in their disrespect to the two candidates so much so that while they have not gotten the list, it has been made available to us at the UDP.

The list is now a crucial part of the campaign taking place within the PUP which are at this point in the business of buying votes, sources indicating that the going price for delegates is $3,000 per head. This figure will make the PUP convention the most expensive one ever. And the list is of course the greatest asset any candidate can have as they can actually identify the voters and approach them with the bribes to ensure a vote for any of the candidates.

While we at the UDP have the list which consists of 91 pages of names, the list is not available to all the candidates. We will look on and see what this latest quarrel in the PUP will lead to.

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