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Thursday, 04 February 2016 00:00

front page crop johnny and francis.jpg - 85.96 KbThe People's United Party went through the process of electing a New (old) leader on Sunday January 31. For the PUP they billed it as a process of reformation and change of guard but the reality is that nothing has really changed in the PUP. All those who contested the election, bar none, are actually carry overs from the 1998-2008 era (the worst era in Belize's history.)

Going into the convention, Francis Fonseca, the former leader of the PUP was very clear and was always vocal about the fact that he controlled a majority of the PUP representatives in the house. After the convention, even though he was resoundingly defeated, he still has that bragging right. In fact, the PUP parliamentarians continue to support Fonseca as their leader which has now sent the PUP into a talespin. That was evident immediately after the convention when Channel 7's Jules Vasquez, point blankly asked Requena, the Toledo West Area Representative if he would support Briceno and he was non committal in his answer. It would have been expected that his answer should have been an outright yes, but in the PUP, while there is a leader, the Cappo's do not necessarily have to follow or even respect him.

For this kind of dissention, Johnny has put down his foot. He has decreed that they either fall in line or they get out the way. We will not be surprised if very soon there are bi-elections in the constituencies where there are PUP Area Representatives that do not support Briceno. If there isn't then there will be outright dissention in the ranks and Johnny will have an extremely difficult time in reigning in the Fonseca faction and that will continue for his entire leadership reign which we anticipate will be short lived.

Briceno has a history of not being able to control the party when he is leader and there are no indications that this has changed. Even the new appointments he has made to the upper echelons of the party will create problems for him. He has in effect ostracized those who have actually won elections but who support Francis. Even the women, Lisa Shoman included, have no position in the executive of the PUP now and that is surely an indication that it is likely that Briceno will keep only his loyalists around and damn all others and the others are Fonseca's sycophants.   

We, like the nation as a whole, will keep looking on and see as the fight for ultimate leadership of the PUP brews and bubbles.

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