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Thursday, 25 February 2016 00:00

cordel hyde.jpg - 87.87 KbIt may go down as the strangest thing amongst the strange things the PUP has done over the years, just to appease a special interest, but with the PUP they seem to be rewriting the script whenever we hear from them. However this latest move appears to be straight out of a Mafia Movie or out of Fool School. On 31st January this year they had a convention and Cordel the man who ran dead last of all eleven persons who contested the convention is now being touted by Johnny the Former New Leader to be his Senior Deputy Leader a.k.a. National Deputy Leader. In plain English, Johnny wants Cordel to be his second in command. In other words Johnny wants to place Cordel over all the other deputies who got more votes than even Johnny himself at the convention. If anyone were to be made Senior Deputy it should be Rodwell. He got the most votes at the convention and of all the deputies he has won the most elections. Rodwell is a THREE TERM REPRESENTATIVE.

Now what signal is that sending to those persons who opposed him and whom he said he was extending the olive branch to? Much more, what is it saying to the general membership of the party from which the majority of the convention delegates came? We always knew Johnny was dense, but we never knew him to be this dense or has he taken leave of his senses and taken residence at the funny farm or maybe it could be that he is looking for a reason to resign as leader again so that he can have the distinction of being the only person to say he is two time FORMER LEADER OF THE OPPOSITION and the person who served the shortest term as leader of any political party anywhere in the world.

We note that if Johnny's plan were to be allowed then of the 12 elected PUP's in the house 6 of them or shall we say 50% would be either LEADER or DEPUTY LEADER, with 2 more being former Leaders and another 2 being former Deputies. With that type of configuration, where 86% of their area reps being in highest leadership positions, who will lead whom in the PUP? This type of horse trading is really getting them deeper into trouble.

Johnny appears to be paying back Cordel for his part in  neutralizing the support Francis would have gotten from those persons who supported Cordel, but had it been a race between only Johnny and Francis those persons would had probably voted for Francis. On Wednesday Johnny was to present his plan to the National Party Council, for them to approve the elevation of Cordel as the leader of all deputies. However we understand the meeting was postponed. From what we have been able to ascertain so far though is that the old guard won't be supporting Johnny's motion to name Cordel as National Deputy . There is still that sour taste that Cordel left in there when he did not run in 2012. To them Cordel is a traitor. Then there are those who see the move to elevate Cordel as a demotion of the other deputies. Any which way it is like Johnny is at the bottom at a sinkhole and nobody is throwing him rope to pull him up. Johnny will have to find another way of thanking Cordel. May we suggest money.

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