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Thursday, 22 February 2018 00:00

Two families are grieving the tragic end of the life of 43-year-old Jason Emmanuel, and his wife, 46 year-old Hermelinda Pinks-Emmanuel. The couple was found dead inside their locked Belize City apartment, and both suffered gunshot wounds to the head. It remains to be confirmed officially by police through a post mortem, but it is believed that Jason killed his wife “Linda”, and then committed suicide afterwards.

Linda’s family has told the press that on Saturday, February 17, they were expecting to hear from her, since it is normal she and her sisters would socialize. It was very much unlike her to not answer any calls or text messages from her family. They then tried to get in touch with Jason, her husband. And when he didn’t pick up, they got very worried. By this time, it was well past midday, and so, her dad went to their home on Rose Lane, in the Saint Martin De Porres area. He found the house completely closed up, and his vehicle was missing.

When the family was informed of this, her sisters reportedly went inside the yard, and they peeked through the main bedroom window, and that’s when they found both of their bodies. The cops were called in, and they had to pry open the front door to gain entrance. That happened at around 6 p.m., and when the officers arrived in the bedroom, they found Linda lying motionless on the bed. She suffered a gunshot injury to left side of the head. On the ground in the bedroom, the officers found Jason’s body; he had a gunshot wound to the right side of his head. Right beside him, police found a 9mm pistol, 2 expended shells, and several bullets on the bed, and in the weapon’s magazine.

Police are not willing to say at this time what they think happened, and who was most likely the shooter.

Assistant Superintendent Alejandro Cowo, the police spokesperson, told the press, “We suspect that something might happened between the couple that was inside of the room. At this moment, I cannot tell you which one of them, conducted - or did any - or injured anybody. At this moment, we’re still looking at that angle, and based on what the post-mortem will indicate to us, probably afterwards, we can comment on it.”

Police also confirmed that the best estimate of the time of death of the victims is about 12 hours or so before they were found.

As for the grieving family of Linda, they have no doubts in their mind that Jason was the shooter, that he killed her, and then turned the gun on himself. At this time, that’s speculation and conjecture, but they say that they know of other details about their marital relationship which leads them to believe this.

Patrick Meighan, Linda’s brother, said, “He’s (Jason Emmanuel) insecure, and I don’t know. Maybe it’s because of the type of wife he has, how beautiful she was, make him feel that type of way, but he was an insecure person.”

He also recalls that there was one instance that he witnessed Jason threatening his sister.

In his account, Meighan said, “There was one time, he was taking us home. He was cursing…and he made a threat, and he said that, ‘Linda, you don’t know me. I would kill you, kill him, and kill myself. That way, nothing will come out of it.’ And, it was, yes a couple years back, not knowing that this man would live up to his promise.”

The family says that Hermelinda and Jason had disagreements about her suspicion that he was being unfaithful to her.

Another family member, who asked not to be named publicly, commented, “Their relationship began to come apart when she suspected he was not being faithful. He denied it, and said that he wasn’t, but it was clear to her. I know it must not have been easy for her but she put him out. She was the one that emptied the house of his things and changed the locks.”

Readers may be able to relate to the fact that as an adult, Linda’s family did not get involved in her marriage, hoping that she would be able to handle it best on her own. It is natural to allow a couple to have breathing room to take on their disagreements without having the family hovering and potentially getting in the way of an amicable resolution.

The family says that after they separated, he pleaded with her to try to work it out, and about a year later, she agreed that they would try to resolve the differences in their marriage. That’s how the couple ended up back together.

Linda’s family says that for a while the relationship was improving, until, from their perspective, Jason started behaving the same way, and that’s when she decided she was done.

As one family member put it, “I feel that after all that had happened my sister concluded that things would always be the same, and she then decided that she was leaving him.”

From their perspective, that’s what triggered him to take both of their lives. They found him with tags on his hand from some sort of club or bar that he went to. Police say that his vehicle was found in Ladyville near the Manatee Lookout Restaurant and Bar. It had 2 flat tires. The family also found vomit on the floor of the house, which leads to believe that he had been drinking.

Linda is described as a reserved but pleasant person. Her family remembers her for her work ethic as a member of the public service.

Her brother, Patrick Meighan, said, “The last place she [worked] was at the Coast Guard. She was dedicated to whatever job she was placed at. Whatever was given to her, she executed it as best as she could at a professional level. That’s the way she used to work. She doesn’t leave her work for anyone to talk about it. She tries to do it flawless, so that when you look back, I did that, and I did it well.”