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Written by By Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 17 May 2018 00:00

People often call eyes the windows to the soul. But what exactly do we see when we gaze into the eyes of another person? In fact, the eyes do provide lots of information about another person’s emotional state. (Phycology today,

Look, I will never criticize any Belizean who demonstrates deep emotional passion in support of his/her political party of choice. Nothing wrong with that.  But when this passion mutates into fanaticism and obsession I feel compelled to comment, since at a certain point the fanatic can become deceitful, vengeful and offensive. Recent examples of high profile citizens with these character traits are Matura, Gabb, Carter, Wade, and Lizarraga. I want to nominate Courtney as president of this distinguished group.

To wit: I ask readers of this column to take a little time out and go to and click on channel 7 to see the interview which the Hon. Courtney gave to the media after the Supreme Court hearing in relation to the People’s United Party’s petition to overturn the results of the municipal elections in San Pedro on March 7 2018. Take a deep look at the gentleman’s eyes and gaze at his furrowed eyebrows and tell me what you see. There is deep and dark hatred in this gentleman’s eyes, and a hunger for power so entrenched it cannot be hidden by feeble attempts to sound intelligent and logical. He sounded like neither, in fact, he came across as squeamish.

Courtney is one of those individuals (PUP and UDP alike) who hitch their wagons to influential Party officials, and are eager to get into a squabble for their masters at the drop of a hat, and they would drop the hat too! They are the ones who get the cushy jobs after elections without ever putting their names on a ballot sheet.

Please allow me to digress here a bit and comment on Hon. Said Musa’s remarks regarding the recent events in the Middle East. I share his sentiments in condemning the murder of 68 Palestinians.  Let me tell you why: Last year when I visited my father in Chicago he showed me an old photograph of his parents’ home in Jerusalem. He and his entire family had to flee their homeland in 1948 after WW2 and become refugees in Jordan. The government of that country could not absorb all of the Palestinian refugees since Jordan is one of the poorer Arab countries, so the government gave many of the refugees a little money, a pen, a notebook and a paid passage by ship to Central America. My father was to go to Honduras where there was a  significant  population of Arabs already there, but the ship disembarked him in British Honduras instead, where he got a business push  from one Jose Shoman on Albert Street and one Mr. John Estephan, on the condition he did business in the out-districts. He came to OW where he did well and then went back to the city to open two stores on the same Albert Street he was told not to come. He later migrated to the US and has owned several stores in Chicago. My dad and other Arabs I have met have a deep resentment for Jews and always vigorously pray for the day they can return home to their Palestine.  My dad faithfully does his Hajj to Makkah each year to pray for this dream.

The parallel I want to draw here is that we have a bully neighbor who wants to take our country by the hook or crook. Unlike the Palestinians, we have an outlet to settle this unfounded claim peacefully once and for all time. Let us not miss this opportunity and later regret it.

Back to Courtney;   “Phycology Today” has a hotline help number for people who show too much anger in their eyes, which translates to hatred in their souls. Just check it out on-line, mi bally. Welcome.