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Thursday, 18 April 2019 00:00

The People’s United Party seems to be unravelling right before our very eyes. On Friday April 12, former leader of the PUP, Rt. Hon Said Musa publicly stated that he would not be voting along party lines against a piece of legislation that would allow Belizeans to vote in a Referendum to take the Guatemalan claim to the International Court of Justice. Musa said that he would be abstaining from a vote and thereby distancing himself from the PUP’s position of saying ‘No’ to the legislation. Despite the PUP’s protestations, the Bill was carried and it was allowed to move to the Senate.

Not surprisingly, three days later, in the Senate it was very much the same story as Senator Valerie Woods abstained from voting. The PUP were able to muster four votes against the bill. There were eight votes in favor with the churches and the NGO community senators voting in favor of the bill. Then there was the one abstention by Senator Valerie Woods. She noted that if her head were to roll as a result of her abstention, the let it be so. She added that the chips should fall where they may.

The PUP it appears is unable to muster a position that would be able to galvanize everyone together. It is so patently obvious that they are divided that the Super Deputy, Cordel Hyde told the National Assembly that his leader, Johnny Briceno was publicly pursuing a ‘No’ vote but was in fact privately going to vote ‘Yes’.

We are not sure what kind of operation is being run over there with the PUP but one thing we are certain of is that they are not united. They are unable to muster a unified front on the Guatemala Issue. Imagine them in government!

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