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Written by Shane D. Williams   
Thursday, 30 August 2012 00:00

The 2012 National Song Competition was held at the MCC grounds on Saturday, August 25th. The competition is the Super Bowl for local musicians. It is their one chance in the year to prove that they are the best in their craft. Musicians competed at the junior and senior levels for the Carnival and Patriotic songs of the year.

The competition only had three junior entries this year. Morelia Pop’s “Tranquil Haven” earned her $1,000 for a second place finish in the junior competition. “Belize Da Mi Country” by Tara Gill was selected by judges as the best junior entry for 2012. Gill received $1,500 for the rights to her piece. There were seven entries for the Carnival Song competition. Mr. Program came in third with “Everybody Dance” and received $1,500 cash. “Wave The Flag” from TR Shine was good for second place and earned the prodigy $2,500. The Carnival Song of the Year was performed by Sharon Martinez. It is entitled “Freedom” and should definitely free up carnival spectators on September 8. Martinez received $4,000 for winning the competition.

There were nine entries in the Patriotic song competition. Patrick McPherson’s “A Song that We Sing” earned him third place honors and $1,500 cash. Nello Player was the king of the night. He took home the $4,000 cash prize for first place in the competition with his piece “Celebrating Belize”. Nello Player has long been one of Belize’s most talented artists. His great year began when he took home the award for Best Male Vocalist at the 2012 Belize Music Awards. All of his supporters look forward to his performances at concerts because he always brings it.

While the top prize went to Nello Player, the most memorable moment for people in the business was the announcement of the second place winner. Leroy “Bass” Castillo’s “This is Belize” was named the econd best patriotic song of 2012. It was sung by Leroy’s brother Ellsworth Castillo because “Bass” passed away on Wednesday, August 22nd, due to complications stemming from an enlarged heart. He was very influential in the music business and admired by all who aspired to succeed in the music industry.