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Friday, 22 November 2013 00:00

alvarene burgess 2.jpg - 86.67 KbThe People's United Party and Channel 5 ploy to create mischief using Alvarene Burgess as their major pawn blew up in their faces on Friday, November 15th. Their elaborate plan to smear Hon. Edmund Castro came to an unceremonious end after the U.S. Embassy categorically denied some of Burgess' allegations.

On the Dickie Bradley show of Monday, November 11th, Burgess continued her wild accusations against Hon. Castro. She went as far as to say that she had been called in to the U.S. Embassy where she was interrogated for 3 hours after which she left crying. In her allegations, Burgess stated that embassy personnel had played a recording to her which included Hon. Castro, herself and an unidentified third party. In an unusual denial, the U.S. Embassy's Charge D'Aaffaires, Margaret Hawthorne told the media on Friday that Alvarene went to the embassy to get a visa and not as she claimed at the behest of the embassy. Hawthorne also added that the U.S. embassy did not record anyone especially not a government official as was claimed by Burgess.

Alvarene Burgess' wild allegations are now made bare and it is quite clearly exposed that she is a liar.

But even as the house of lies has come crashing down on the heads of the PUP and Channel 5, they continue to spew their venom. It seems that they will continue to do this until a court categorically tells them that they need to stop and they are forced to pay a hefty penalty for the wrong they are doing to Hon. Edmund Castro.

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