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Thursday, 28 November 2013 00:00

It appears that Channel 5 has not yet fully understood that their ploy to try to destabilize the government by attacking Hon. Edmund Castro simply will not work. We thought that after their so-called informant was outed by the U.S. embassy as a downright liar they would have tried to ease up. But the rabid pitbull at the helm of that media organization simply will not let go.

On their newscast on Tuesday they came again with the same old same old. They said Hon. Castro had given recommendations to 21 persons to receive visas in a two week span. Well if nobody has given Amalia the memo that recommendations given by area representatives are the order of the day, then this article may serve as such.

On a daily basis area reps write out all manner of recommendations, from visa applications to the U.S. to visa applications for family members of constituents. Recommendations are also written for jobs, land considerations, references. You name it and the letters are written. Now even after the recommendations are made, it does not guarantee a positive outcome on the other end.

Amalia fully knows well but she insists on beating a dead horse. To her we say, the carcass is beginning to stink, please don't beat it no more because that one there, is going nowhere.

When minion Michael Roudon tried to bring it up during the Prime Minister's most recent press conference, the Prime Minister simply chucked that one to political mischief by Amalia Mai and the PUP.