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Thursday, 28 November 2013 00:00

There was a brazen daylight robbery at a Chinese Store in San Ignacio Town on Sunday, November 24th. 34-year-old Xiang Rong Chen, reports that his business on Flamingo Avenue in San Ignacio know as ‘Kenny’s Store’ was robbed at about 8:15 am on that date.

Xiang Chen, a Naturalized Belizean, told police that two unmasked persons entered his store, one armed with a firearm and the other with a knife. Chen was held up along with his worker Pedro Lopez, where a demand was made for money. The person with the handgun then took Chen into his room to the back of the store and again demanded money wherein Chen complied and handed over $2,000.00 and a check written to Pine Lumber for the amount of $380.00. Chen was then taken outside of the store. Meanwhile; the person with the knife started searching for cash in the register and took $300.00 as well as a black Mitsubishi brand lap tap valued at $1,300. The robbers also took another black lap tap valued at $1,500.00, an I-Phone with calling number 630-0896 valued at $1,200.00, which was on the counter. Chen lost to the robbery some $6,680.00 in total after which both robbers ran out of the store and made good their escape.

The aforementioned, ‘Kenny’s Store’ has also been the scene of a crime before; where a security guard from Camalote and employed by ‘Security Force’ had been killed.

Based on ground work at the scene of this latest robbery on Sunday, Police are looking for Shanira Perez. Police are also looking for Alex Reid who they believe can assist them in their investigations.

Meanwhile Cayo police are also on the lookout for Alex Reid, along with, Kevin Manzanero in connection to data gathered from a surveillance video of a robbery that took place in the Corozal District earlier this week.

But potential robbers aiming for the Cayo District must be forewarned. The San Ignacio Police Formation will be increasing patrols at nights, with the advent of the Christmas Season. Numerous stores from San Ignacio, Santa Elena and surrounding areas will be opening an extra hour at night and so the Special Constables, members of staff as well as Police will be out in force during these extra times, until the first week of January 2014.