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Thursday, 27 February 2014 00:00

Corozal Police are investigating a robbery in the Commercial Free Zone in which the thieves managed to rob a businessman of 8,333.33 in Belizean currency.

 48 year-old Ricardo Villasenor, a Mexican businessman told police that on Monday, February 24, at around 9:30 a.m., he was leaving the back exit of his store to get into his vehicle, which was parked on the compound of his business place, North American Store. That’s when 2 men ambushed him at knifepoint and ordered him to hand over money bags which were inside the trunk of his car. Fearing for his life, he complied with their requests, and handed over 2 plastic bags which contained 1.25 million pesos, or $208,000 Bze. Currency. The men then shoved him in the trunk, after which, he was robbed an additional 800 pesos, or $133 Belize, and his cellular phone.

 Immediately afterwards, the thieves managed to escape from the scene of the robbery, and also from inside the Commercial Free Zone. Anyone who’s been inside that area knows that it is heavily guarded by security, and whenever there is an incident such as this one, they have their own protocols to lock it down and prevent movement in and out. Apparently these men managed to bypass all the security clearances, and they escaped with the proceeds of that daring, daylight heist.

 The job of the police has been further complicated because the victim took almost 2 hours to report that he had been robbed, which gave the assailants enough time to get as far away as possible. From the description given, however, investigators believe that the men who did it are Belizean because of the dialect of Spanish they spoke when they ordered Villasenor to hand over the money. The precision of the attack also suggests that the men were studying their target to know when the best opportunity presented itself to attack.