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Thursday, 27 February 2014 00:00

The People's United Party is in so much trouble that they realize that if things continue in the manner in which it is going, their party will not be able to survive for another term. This is the first time that they have had to endure two consecutive terms out of office and they cannot survive. A third consecutive term, which is what the UDP is looking at, would be a disaster for the PUP.

Faced with their inability to fill their pockets at the expense of government coffers they have strategically been trying to undermine the government. Readers will recall that very early after the elections they attempted to have elected representatives, Hon. Mark King, Hon. Herman Longsworth and Hon. Elvin Penner removed and new elections called for these seats. Needless to say those failed. What readers will also recall is that being in government to the PUP is literally a bread and butter issue. They eat at the trough every single time they have been in office and their inability to do so now is causing them belly-ache.

After their election petition failed earlier on, they latched on to the immigration issue and once again eyed Hon. Elvin Penner and Hon. Edmund Castro. They began a campaign which is being maintained up to this day to try to have elections called in these two constituencies. In the case of Penner they went so far as to have a recall petition which also failed. As for Castro, a fantastic story was fabricated by a woman known as 'Cosa' in an effort to discredit him in his division. It goes without saying that attempts against both the representatives have failed.

Now they are moving to yet another campaign, this one to force the commissioner of police to direct that Penner be charged. That matter is now before the courts and the commissioner will be called in on Friday February 28th to answer himself before the Chief Justice. Meanwhile the power hungry PUP's cross their fingers, toes and legs in the hopes that they are successful in this bid. Remember, this is a bread and butter issue for them, and they closer they come to being the government the closer it is for them to once again pillage the resources of this country.

It would take a million issues of the Guardian to run through the wrongs and the evil that the PUP have done to this country that we need not go there. What we can print however is that the PUP is wrong for this country, especially at a time when Belize is experiencing a type of renaissance, and employment and infrastructure boom such as has never been seen before in this country.

It must be killing them to see the moneys being spent on development and they and their cronies not have a go at it. Experience has shown us that whenever they get the opportunity, they steal it all and the people get to pay the bill.