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Friday, 07 March 2014 00:00

The Government of Belize is allocating almost million to Belize City for Phase II of the Belize City Council’s Infrastructure Project and at least .5 million to all other municipalities. Belize City will be the first to benefit from Government’s newest municipal development initiative. Prime Minister Barrow says the innovative approach to governance by Mayor Darrell Bradley has made it an easy decision to allocate Government’s support behind the City Council’s initiatives. PM Barrow says, “The absolutely splendid job that has been done so far, the way this city has been transformed, these are things that obliged the Central Government to partner with the Mayor and his City Council in trying to move things forward.”

Mayor Darrell Bradley thanked Prime Minister Barrow for the support he has shown and continues to show. Bradley says, “There will be a different city in the next 2 years. The city that my son grows up in will not be the city that I grew up in and by the time the next election rolls around we [would be able to declare] that every single primary street, streets which connects people from one area or neighborhood of Belize City, would have been concreted."  Bradley says the funds will be used to concrete 35 primary streets. Those include 14 on the Southside of Belize City and 20 on the North side.

The streets that will be paved on the Southside of Belize City are Vernon Street, South Street, Yarborough Road, Cemetery Road, West Street, King Street, George Street, Dean Street, West Canal, Regent Street West, Youth for the Future Drive, Antelope Street, Zericote Street, Raccoon Street and Gibnut Street.
The streets that will be paved on the North Side of Belize City are Saint Charles Street, Saint Mathews Street, Castle Street, Cleghorn Street, Slaughterhouse Road, Princess Margaret Drive, Saint Joseph Street, Buttonwood Bay Boulevard, Seashore Drive, Independence Street, Victoria Street, Pickstock Street, George Arthur Street, Jackfruit Crescent, Thomas Vincent Ramos Street, Fourth Street, Third Street, University Drive, Blue Marlin Drive and Bachelor Avenue.
Phase II of the Belize City Infrastructure Project is scheduled to commence as early as this week. Work has already been completed on sections of some of the streets on this list. Now, other sections of those streets, like Dean Street, will be completed. Mayor Bradley expects all 35 streets to be concreted by September of this year at a total cost of $9,712,227.78.

In addition to the almost $10 million on primary streets, over $2 million will be spent by the Council to bring secondary streets to pre-paved standard. Mayor Bradley says, “We are not building streets to build streets; we are not building parks to build parks. We are building these things so that we can transform a space and to build a community and to change lives."