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Friday, 07 March 2014 00:00

Lionel Lincoln Robert Welch was born on the 3rd December 1950 in Gales Point Village to Mr. Lincoln Welch and Mrs. Emma Cattouse. On Sunday, 16th February 2014 he left Damion, Shanna, Keisha, Diedra and Franlina to remember his passing. He was the beloved and only child of his Mother and is survived by his siblings Natalie, Jacqueline and Stephen Welch.

Nel! A child well Loved

Lionel attended St. Augustine Anglican Primary School where he excelled and transitioned to St. Michael’s College for his secondary Education. This all-boys school helped in shaping and moulding this boy into the man we all came to know as Nel. Many of his friends recall his earlier years as a good sprinter and they recall the many bicycle races from this Cathedral back to Michael’s after attending compulsory mass along with St. Hilda’s. His friendship with Cushin Neal, and Desho Rock ignited his interest in weight lifting and he became an avid body builder. His interest and love for football was already kindled but, back then, only the bigger boys caught the school team, so he collaborated with Albert Arnold and other friends and organized an informal football team called ‘Ramblers’, which later ventured into Second Division competitions in Belize City. Sorry FC Belize you were not his first football team!!!! For the record, his squad was always beaten by the “Braves”, a team from Fisher Waterside area that was considered inferior by all his players. His initial sojourn with football was arrested by his departure to UWI.

Nel! A friend well appreciated

After sixth Form, Lionel’s plans for his chosen career was already formulated and he went to work for Attorney John Avilez. He then pursued his studies at the UWI and Norman Manley Law School and was qualified as an attorney in 1980. His first practice in the Pitts and Elrington law Firm was under the able watch of Sr. Counsel Mr. BQ Pitts along with his UWI friend and colleague, the late Allan Pitts. He later opened his own Firm on Prince Street and later moved into his new offices on Dean Street. His cousin, the late Sir George Brown was a consultant in his firm from the late 2000 until his death in 2007. Nel was “old School” in is decorum in court. He was always the gentleman who respected his peers in and out of the courtroom. 

Nel! A colleague well respected

The rich diversity of friends celebrating his life here today is a veritable testament to the full life Nel lived and the lives he touched. He loved dancing and opened his own discotheque on Euphrates Avenue, which featured live competitions that were televised.  He loved music and organized his own band and studio.  Well-known artists like Sam Hamilton Dale Davis and Zoila Clark were among his close associates in this area. Nel, a strong organizer and leader, was probably one of the chairmen of the Belize District Football Association with the longest tenure. Nel was a chairman of the Election and Boundaries Commission and a member of the Integrity Commission. The history of the growth and development of the St. John’s Credit Union into a million dollar institution cannot be recounted absent his significant contribution. The Belize Credit Union League counts him as a stalwart who regularly represented the movement regionally and internationally. Nel! Your contribution is well appreciated.

Nel’s close affiliation with his church and his service to God is well punctuated by this celebration officiated by his Bishop. Nel’s open heart and wallet was probably considered a fault by some of his acquaintances. Many school fees and bills have been paid! Many helping hands-up were proffered. Many words of advice have been given in all sincerity and empathy. This is almost a contradiction because he was such a private person. All his friends knew he was their best friend. The onset of the relentless battle he waged against his illness was quietly assuaged by his friend and driver, Robert Smith. All his friends knew of his regard for all his family and his Mom in particular. He was the icon for all his siblings, numerous and beloved cousins, aunts and uncles. Many of us took note of his impromptu rendition of his favourite song at his Mom’s anniversary party.

1. Hail the Man!!

*His was a valiant battle with his illness.
2.That’s your brother on the street!!
*He succumbed on 16th February 2014
3.Hail the man every time we meet!!
*A Life well Lived
Lionel, Rest in Peace.