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Friday, 07 March 2014 00:00

The Prime Minister's Wife, Kim Simplis-Barrow has taken on the task of bringing to the forefront many social issues that generally linger in the back of the minds of Belizeans. She has single-handedly been able to inspire cancer survivors, being a survivor herself. She has been able to bring forth to discussion tables, issues of persons with different abilities. She has even championed the cause to ensure that every child has an identity by doing birth registration drives across the country.

Now, she is taking on the task of highlighting the importance of women in Belizean society, with a 20,000 woman march scheduled for Thursday March 5. The importance of such a cause can never be second guessed as women from all walks of life will be participating.

While that is the case, one set of women who will not be participating are PUP's. Dolores Balderamos-Garcia, who is the only woman sitting in parliament was invited to partake but she brushed off the invitation. She claims that her party does not support the march and by extension, she cannot support it either.

It is a pity that petty party politics can influence a person's decision to the point that even though the event is a meaningful one, falling in line is more important than making a statement. Of course,that is the PUP way; fall in line or fall out.