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Friday, 07 March 2014 00:00

After the ruling by the Chief Justice on Monday March 3 which directed the Commissioner of Police to effect an investigation into the Penner passport issue, the PUP promptly declared that this was a victory for both the Opposition and for Fonseca personally. Thereafter we were treated to a string of interviews where several PUP personalities and other microphone addicts expressed their “virtuous” opinions on the matter. Let us delve at little deeper into this recent development.

 I had previously indicated in this column that I think Penner has been sufficiently reproved and humiliated by his own Party and is presently a political exile. The UDP Party Leader has openly said that Penner will never again represent the United Democratic Party and his name will forever be linked with underhandedness.

But, according to the PUP leadership and a couple of fly-by-night organizations which go around cloaking themselves with the Belizean flag and pretending to be more Belizean than the rest of us, this has not been enough punishment. These surrogate groups seem to want the death penalty imposed on the man, and even then would dig him up to hang again.

 I can say this for a fact: much, much worse atrocities have been committed by past PUP administrations and none of these same self-righteous groups had anything to say. They silently looked on, at times huddling even with the Ministers to get favors and contract positions in government.

The biggest irony, however, is that the chief protagonist in all this drama is Fonseca, who now struts around as if he is this pillar of honor; this same man who has been publicly referred to by the CCJ as a cancerous growth during his tenure as Minister of Government. I ask you to mark this observation: anyone else who had been chosen by the PUP to front this mission against Penner would have had more credibility than a Fonseca.

If my tone seems to reflect resentment, please be assured that I am not angry. It’s just my style in trying to underscore the true objective of the leadership of the People’s United Party.  All this maneuvering is focused on the single tangible of triggering a general election right now.

There seems to be a pressing urgency for the Old Chap to get back his toys, or at the very least, the opportunity to get them back. You see, based on the last CCJ ruling, he may very well fail in all the lawsuits he has filed since the basic premise in his arguments has been that the PUP Cabinet had the legal authority to “accommodate” him.

That is the real crux of the issue, dear readers. Fonseca cares nothing for the Belizean people; for you or me, or about a cancelled passport - he wants to spark an election. All his indignant speeches are an act, a show; political grandstanding geared to stir public sentiment into demanding an election.
Note how they are going after Castro in like fashion. They seem to be saying that if they can’t win an election by ballots, well, they will try to take the government through lawsuits. And with the amount of lawyers that they have at their disposal, they can file ten writs in a single day.  How easily they forget that in the end it is the people who ultimately decide who sits in the Honorable House.