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Written by The Guardian   
Wednesday, 30 April 2014 00:00

You know, for me it has been a while now since I have heard anything but bad or sad news. And even when our young, fellow Belizeans are not murdering each other, which is rare, or dying from serious traffic accidents, there will be some half-baked, uncorroborated, depressing story by Channel Fox or Maheia of illegal Rosewood harvesting, or of some low level clerk who is being accused of hustling.

The dire news continued all over the Easter weekend with more deaths being reported, and then of our Belizean riders losing the coveted national cross country race, which Fox came close to blaming Government for, since they were not authorized to carry the event live.

After those miserable four days, even when my daughter showed me the Facebook posting of the OW Mayor getting married, my spirits could not lift since that too seemed like a cheerless occasion.

And of course there is always the Ashcroft Alliance which takes delight in suing Belize at a different location on earth every so often, hoping to cripple Belize economically and embarrass her internationally. To this perspective you add the frequent challenges of Ch’oc, who continuously files lawsuits against GOB, trying to compel the government to first carve out a kingdom for him in Toledo and then affording him our country’s resources to protect his territory.

But last night was so different. As I tuned in to the news, finally I saw a light at the end of the tunnel when some Belizeans decided to stand up and speak their mind without any fear of the financial and legal might that Ch’oc seems to wield with infinite measure. This latter gentleman reminds me of the supreme rulers of the former USSR, who would quickly and unceremoniously replace any public official who did not tow the Kremlin’s line. Once you don’t bow to Josef or to Ch’oc, you gone!

But the leaders from three communities said last night to hell with this situation; we are tired of fighting and want to see how this oil thing can benefit our people, our community and our country. I fully support these three village leaders since I believe that no matter which political Party one subscribes to, as a nation we need to identify more natural resources in order for our country to develop. It is common knowledge that Belize is the least developed nation in all the Americas and most of the Caribbean. What’s the use of having wealth and beauty untold and live in a country so greatly in need of infrastructural development and employment opportunities?

Again, the sadness returns when I think about where we are presently. We owe so much money as a country and have so little to show for this massive indebtedness, thanks to the PUP administration of 1998 to 2008. But look at what happened two weeks ago: the PUP, even as they holler that they have now decided to return to their roots of social justice, has once more embraced the architects of disaster into their executive.

Even if I were a diehard PUP, my hands would never be able to write an X besides a Party that has any Fonseca as an executive or candidate, including the former PUP Belize City Mayor. Look at what that crowd did to this country with the DFC, SSB, BTL, BEL, PSW Airport, Port of Belize, WASA, Universal Health, Galleria Maya, Intelco, Gambling in Futures, Fisheries, Registry, Imarbe and a host of other shenanigans.

By having three Musas, two Fonsecas and one Smith firmly back in the PUP executive, the Blue Party has institutionalized the very characters of duplicity, without worry or shame about public opinion.

See why I think even the prospect of finding oil is depressing?  I am not so dim to think that the PUP will never win another general election: they will one day. And then these same set of repeat offenders will get to work again, tearing down everything that the UDP is focusing on building. Mark this famous adage, dear readers: a leopard cannot change his spots.