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Written by Jamil Matar   
Thursday, 15 May 2014 00:00

Whenever I watch the evening news or read the newspapers, I generally take a keener interest when the topic is about politics; the reason being that I tend to write a lot on that subject matter. I know that sometimes my columns are considered footnotes of headlines past, but I try not to bore readers with too many repetitions of issues on which pundits have already commented on, but rather on the utterances coming from politicians.

That said, I saw Hon. Boots battling it out with Channel Fox last night, and I agree completely with what he said; Fox is so blatantly biased in its reporting that people now consider this station to be more of a political arm of the PUP than a genuine news station.

Same goes for COLA and its rambunctious leader: this self-interest group is acting suspicious in taking a perpetual stand on a solitary issue that really has been dealt with swiftly and appropriately by the Prime Minister. Is there a hidden agenda here somewhere, you think?

Let us now proceed to review the latest events on the political scene with the recent press conference called by the People’s United Party. I don’t know if you will have noticed this coincidence, but anytime we see a person hugging the TV limelight too frequently, claiming to fight “injustice” or for people's "rights", that person usually ends up running for political office.

A case in point: nobody was in the news more than Schakron in the year preceding the last general election, championing every cause and airing every complaint in the evening news. We all know now that she had one eye on the TV cameras and the other on Lake I. She went into hibernation after her mission collapsed, but is now back with a vengeance, fully cloaked in blue.

The young Musa is on this same path, angrily denouncing everything he conceives as a “miscarriage” of justice, predictably claiming to be battling for the poor and oppressed. When his father was messing up this country and paying for the PUP’s misdeeds by raising taxes each and every year, where was this so called knight in shining armor? But you know why he is claiming to be this caring, cuddly person now, right? Two words: Caribbean Shores.

But back to Schakron and to her companion Dolores. Mein, were they griping at the press conference! Being women, they thought that they had the moral authority to go after other women, so they attacked Mrs. Barrow and mothers in general.

It is true, many women got a little something on Mother’s day  from Central Government for the first time ever, but this is a practice that is commonplace at the municipal level in all districts. There is always a mother’s day party where gifts are distributed and free raffles done, all with funding from taxpayers. So let's cut the hypocrisy and strive to identify a way where more mothers can participate next year.

The other topic was the veiled accusation by Schakron in demanding an accounting of Ms. Barrow on the fundraisers for the children’s hospital. Coming from the PUP, this did not surprise me any since we easily can recall the Proverb, “as a man thinketh, so is he”. One editorial writer once put it truthfully when he commented that the two types of characters he disliked most were liars and thieves.

The thing is, when the PUP blatantly doled out millions of dollars of public finances and thousands of acres of land to family and close supporters, they did not see that as being wrong. But when the UDP offers something back to the general public, it’s corrupt. I think Schakron and Dolores are suffering from a severe attack of sour grapes.