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Thursday, 15 May 2014 00:00

cannon obispo.jpg - 44.04 KbAlleged Bank Robber, 25 year-old Cannon Augustine Obispo, continues to receive treatment at the KHMH, after he was shot by police after he stole money from the Scotia Bank in Belmopan City on Friday, May 9, at around 10 a.m.

But before, he allegedly targeted the bank, he reportedly ripped off a vendor at the Indian Store, Classic, which is right across the street. Obispo entered Classic and requested several articles of clothing, valued at a total of $210, which he asked to try out. When the vendor expected him to pay, he reportedly walked out and went to the Bank. The vendor followed him, but wasn’t suspicious because the man made for the bank, so the vendor thought he was going to withdraw money.

Obispo then entered and joined the line like any ordinary customer. He then waited until he was almost to the front of the line, and while another customer was making a deposit, he ran up to the counter and snatched $6,500 in cash. He ran out the door, and that’s where he met the vendor whom he hadn’t paid for the clothing. Obispo reportedly then pulled out a machete he had on him and threatened the vendor before running off. The vendor then reported  the theft to an on-duty police officer who responded and tried to detain him. The vendor and the officer chased him through the parking lot, and onto Slim Lane, where the officer managed to corner him.

 Instead of giving up, Obispo then reportedly advanced on the officer with the machete in hand. The officer was forced to fire shots at him in self-defence, and Obispo was injured in the left leg and abdomen. Again, instead of giving up, Obispo attacked the officer and they had a scuffle, during which Obispo allegedly bit the officer on the neck. The officer was finally able to detain Obispo, and he was rushed to the Western Regional Hospital. The suspect was later transferred to the KHMH for emergency medical treatment, where he is right now.

As soon as he is well enough, Belmopan police intend to charge him with robbery or theft, resisting lawful arrest, assaulting a police officer, and if the evidence can substantiate it, attempted murder. That wouldn’t be his first brush with the law, however, because he was freed of a rape charge last year after the prosecutor entered a nolle prosequi because the victim did not show up to court to testify against him.

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