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Thursday, 15 May 2014 00:00

petillo.jpg - 51.50 KbA couple of weeks ago, Nigel Petillo, the “champion” of Harmonyville, was seen on television begging the government, the Ministry of Natural Resources specifically, to remove persons he considered were squatters in the ‘buffer’ area of Harmonyville. The buffer is an area stretching about three miles along the George Price Highway and which consists some 60 acres of land which is crown land.

Petillo succeeded in getting some of the people off and it seemed like quite the noble deed by the BGYEA guy. But we were clapping and congratulating a bit too early. As soon as the squatters were removed, in came heavy equipment that began to level everything, bulldozers and plows rolled in and the ground began to be readied for planting.

A company called Sustainable Agriculture Development limited was the one doing the work. According to Petillo, the company was ‘his’ investor and they came in to cultivate corn on the buffer area. Remember he zealously removed persons who were on the buffer only to bring in ‘his’ investor. Also what needs to be remembered is that the 60 acres is crown land and Petillo has no authority to enter into any contract with anyone to do anything with the land. The government has since, put a stop to all the work as Petillo had no legal grounds on which to enter into any contract. But he did and now he is crying bloody murder.

He claims that government has scared away his investor when the truth is that he had absolutely no right to bring them in in the first place. For their part, Sustainable Agriculture Development Limited is not in the least bit happy about the entire thing. They have expended quite considerable sums of money to prepare the land only to find out that they were actually duped by Petillo.

For his part Petillo says he would have collected some 15% of the profit after the sale of the corn which he says would have been used to put roads in the Harmonyville area. From past experiences as to what is done with money collected in this project there are big question marks as to whether that would have been the true destination of the funds.

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